Confirmed: John Durham’s Investigation Is Much Farther Reaching Than Originally Thought

RedState –

After years of silence, we finally started to get news regarding John Durham’s probe into the Trump-Russia investigation. As RedState reported, Michael Sussmann, one of the shadowy lawyers at the center of the false Alfa Bank story targeting the Donald Trump campaign, was indicted.

Then something happened last week that raised eyebrows. The FBI raided the residence of Oleg Deripaska. While the left tried to spin it as another move against Paul Manafort, others suspected it had something to do with the Durham investigation.

That theory was bolstered today after it was revealed that the scope of Durham’s investigation is reaching much farther than originally thought.

Durham is definitely making moves if he’s going after Fusion GPS and the DNC along with the individuals he’s targeting. I certainly didn’t expect that given how quiet things have been for so long. I think most had assumed he was getting ready to wrap things up. In fact, there was a report that stated that some months ago. Yet, he’s burst onto the scene with a big indictment and is apparently not done yet. more

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  1. We’re gonna DO it THIS time, baby, I really WANT to, don’t you believe me in this low cut top and stiletto heels that even Jill Biden wouldn’t touch?

  2. Shh, shh, go back to sleep, put out your torches, lay down your pitchforks somewhere the FBI can easily get them, see, the process is playing out, just give it a little more time, here, take this injection in the mean time, it’s good for you, I promise, just stay asleep, we’ll take care of everything…

  3. Any charges still need to be referred to the DOJ right?
    Which is wholly corrupted right?
    So we can actually expect nothing to come of this right?

  4. It’s like a play about a functioning government. Lots of actors, a thrilling plot, intrigue and subterfuge.

    And like a play it’s scripted, executed under controlled conditions, and has no basis in reality.

  5. “John Durham’s Investigation Is Much Farther Reaching Than Originally Thought”
    “John Durham’s Investigation of Bob Barr’s Asshole Is Much Farther Reaching Than Originally Thought – Past the Sigmoid Flexure”

    Fixed it for ya!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Tell me sweet lies:

    The check’s in the mail.
    I’ll still love you in the morning.
    I’m with the government and I’m here to help.
    The Durham investigation is much farther reaching than previously thought.

  7. Why do we keep seeing that same photo of him? Wasn’t that taken before this investigation started? Surely, he must be completely bald by now.

  8. I believe it not! 2 well known Ronny hating Bush rep;ublicans are connected to the Soros GPS attempted frame.
    naming Ronny haters: GWB, John McC! DEEP STATE at its best (kor if you love America, its worst!)!

    Another Bush Republican praised the AG to the high heavens 9 months ago when he told GOP to confirm him (Turtle). Garland will not let Durhamn get close to GPS!

  9. He’s gonna find all sorts of bad things that not one fucking guilty party will be held accountable for. He’s not there to bring forth Justice. He’s just gonna fully document how completely fucked we are in the US in regards to federal government accountability for committing crimes, which is no accountability at all for any fucking deep stater anywhere.


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