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Confirmed: You Can’t Sue Pfizer or Moderna for Severe Covid Vaccine Side Effects

Becker News-

It turns out the FDA’s “full authorization” of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is not as “full” as advertised. In fact, it is about as legitimate as being “fully vaccinated” for Covid-19 despite purportedly needing “booster shots.”

As Becker News reported earlier, there were numerous signs the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine authorization documents were “off”:

But a closer examination of the “full authorization” documents has some Americans feeling deceived. There is the matter that Pfizer-BioNTech still appears to be afforded the legal protections that accompany Emergency Use Authorization, all while it purportedly has “full” FDA approval. How did the pharmaceutical company manage such a commercial ‘coup’?

Upon a more critical look at the documents, it now very much seems to be the case that the company, along with the indispensable aid of a complicit media and the Biden administration, has engaged in a classic bait-and-switch.

CNBC now provides confirmation of what many Americans have come to realize: It was a sham. more

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  1. No protection for a business that forces employees to get jabbed though. Blood sucking lawyers still gonna make money somehow

  2. A legitimate court system would ensure that injured parties (to use a very general term) would receive redress from the appropriate entities. Of course bureaucracies can bury stuff for a long time, but a determined plaintiff/attorney could eventually achieve the right result and even prevent future abuse. If we had a legitimate court system.

  3. “I’ll sue, if I have to take it all the way to the Supreme Court!”

    Remember when that wasn’t an absurdly naive statement? Fugetaboudit

  4. If you read the FDA authorization, it approves Comirnaty. It mentions specifically that the Pfizer bio n tech is still under EUA. So the media and the FDA has deceived people into believing Pfizer Bio N Tech was approved when it was actually Comirnaty.

  5. The government and the pharma. companies both knew that there were going to be thousands of horrible, long lasting side effects and deaths before the vaccines were even released. The side effects of mRNA vaccines were known decades ago. They also realized that if they didn’t give the pharma. companies immunity from prosecution, they would immediately be bankrupted and their executives would be spending a lot of time in jail. If possible, the states need to get together and start a lawsuit challenging the immunity itself.

  6. The vaccinations would never have been developed as fast as they were if liability immunity were not written into the agreements to develop the vaccines. The companies would not place themselves in a liability situation with a rapidly developed vaccine.

  7. It’s part of the plan of the lizard people to tenderize our internal organs so that we can be made into mestloaf..

    Or is this too crazy for you moonbats?

  8. That was made clear upon ‘approval’ of the fda. It was a clear indication and big pharma wet dream, to have a clear path to tons of money without proving their viability and protected from liability. NAZI BASTARDS, including the worthless pieces of 🤡💩 members of clowngress who undoubtedly have their grubby hands in deep pockets of corruption.

  9. Makes it more likely every day that the people running the FDA are like the queer guy wanting blow darts. They approved one that isn’t even made.

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