Confused As To Why McCabe Wasn’t Charged? Here Are Some Theories

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  1. I can tell you why. It’s because the DOJ and Washington DC in general are so corrupted nothing short of an uprising by the citizens is going to change anything! President Trump is trying to fight a war with maybe two guys on each side of him. It might be time for the average joe to show Washington DC how pissed off we are, and at the same time show President Trump we are on his team. This level of corruption has really gotten out of hand. And I’m really tired of analysis by all the talking heads telling us what to think. I already know what to think and I’m mad as hell!!

  2. I’ve read a theory that McCabe was let off the hook on this case because there are more serious charges for him coming up. If they had indicted him now, the media was going to scream its all part of Trump being vindictive. Then when the more serious charges come, then its all about piling on. By letting him loose now, they can’t cry later about Trump and revenge.

    Whether that is right or not, who knows. Maybe there are a few more swamp rats that need to be cleared out of the way like former US Attorney Liu was. James Wolfe only got 2 months in jail for basically doing what Flynn was accused of, lying to the FBI. Swamp rats protecting swamp rats.

    If the rats are going to Judge and Prosecute over cases involving other rats, it makes no sense to pursue them when they are going to get acquitted or a very light sentence in the end. Flush them out and put the correct people in place who will make sure proper justice is given out.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that was same argument for not prosecuting Comey. It don’t hold any water.

  4. And we have that jackass Dershowitz that says he has a super secret 302 that implicates soros and obama in an undefined investigation, but he can’t say any more due to a future legal action that he will initiate. That bastard will continue to muddy the waters until everyone forgets he was a guest on the Lolita Express.

  5. If we want to take back our government we’re going to need to do it ourselves. To much bull shit. How stupid do they think we are.

  6. It matters not IF Barr’s DOJ decides to charge. Unless he’s willing to seek a change of venue, the obama Judges and OJ jurors that pollute….I mean populate DC/NFVA will not rule/deliberate in an unbiased equal justice manner.

  7. There’s a Blogger who’s pretty notorious with the para military/militia types who once wrote “There’s nothing wrong with this government that 100 executed politician wouldn’t fix”.
    I naturally detest that kind of talk, and I am a comedian, so don’t red fag me bro.

  8. mrs6pak and I were just taking about that. Trying to come up with a plan. We need a bunch of like minded lone wolves that just know instinctively what needs to happen, without someone giving orders or organization to the effort. My biggest problem is what my grandkids will be told about me. Right now they love me and think I’m pretty cool.

  9. I just want to see Hillary go through a 2 year emotionally destroying & humiliating trial followed by some actual incarceration.

    Not much to ask for at all.

  10. Thanks Brad! I bet a lot of us are on some sort of list. I really am concerned we are at, or near a major turning point in this country. Did you see the movie about hunting Trump supporters is going to be released on March 13th, a Friday the 13th. I think the name of the movie is “The Hunted”.

  11. Joe6

    I didn’t think they were stupid enough to really release that movie. Reminds me of that Kevin Costner line in Open Range, “They’ll probably be over confident in their numbers”. That movie will motivate a certain amount of Young Red Neck Trump supporters to start hurting some MoFo’s. I almost guarantee it.

  12. @Brad: ” How stupid do they think we are.”

    I have no idea about that question. But I do know they haven’t seen twenty guys show up at 3 AM and shoot a shitload of seditionists in the DC area in the head. I really hope that never happens.

  13. Brad, it isn’t that they think we’re stupid, it’s that they’re so entrenched and the machine is so big they’re not afraid.

  14. Johnny Cash may be more popular now than he ever has been. That’s a good video. No one puts the fear of God in you like God does.

  15. Joe6
    I hate the ink myself. No getting away from it with the young people anymore. It’s like a hot woman can’t get completely neked. 90miles fromtyranny is a bad ass site. My second fav to IOTW. If you’re not watching the Mystery Box first thing in the morning your sexuality maybe in question.

  16. The Mystery Box is top rated, however I don’t go there everyday. It’s kind of handy that you can go back and check the days you’ve missed. I’ve done that several times.

  17. Brown Eyed Girl
    You are absolutely correct. But they underestimate some of us. Hopefully enough of us. How are you with an AR? LOL

  18. Brown Eyed Girl

    I knew the answer to that question before I asked it. One of these days I’ll send you something to put on the end of your barrel. I’ll send two.

  19. I remember a comedy movie about a ping pong phenomenon that had to compete with a spoon for a paddle against almost unbeatable competition.

    That is PDJT against the swamp. You must understand that this all began with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Wilson Administration. The cabal formed during the height of the Industrial Revolution and begat the Central Bank, the IRS, the UN, and the one world government.

    FDR was used by the CFR to create, consolidate, and nurture the centralized DC deep state swamp. Our country is not the free republic we thought it was. If it were not for our individual ownership of guns we would have lost her long ago.

    That is why the Deep State is so desperate to take our guns away, open our borders, and create government single pay health care.

    Pedo Joe was right about one thing, this election is about the soul of our nation. The Lizard Queen was supposed to finish ya off after the Commie Muslim set the plate. She was guaranteed the White House in her Deep State bubble and they cannot abide the loss and curtailment of the plan.

    This is a real war folks and PDJT is our only hope (cue C3PO)…

  20. @Bad_Brad February 17, 2020 at 9:35 pm

    > How stupid do they think we are.

    I love you, man. So, remember, you wrote “we”. This is a “we” reply. Not a “you” reply. M’Kay?

    When was the Federal Reserve created? When was “your” Social Security number (“only to be used for Social Security benefits”) turned into your Mark of The Beast? When was the Second Amendment overturned? By the federal government? The first time? The fourth time? The twelfth time? How about the First Amendment? The Fourth? The Fifth? When was Kent State? When was Ruby Ridge? When was Waco?

    How stupid do they know we are? How terminally lazy do they know we are?

    (And how much do you, yes you laddie, want to save them?)

  21. @joe6pak February 17, 2020 at 9:41 pm

    > We need a bunch of like minded lone wolves that just know instinctively what needs to happen, without someone giving orders or organization to the effort.

    Oh, noes! Not feelin’ the snark. I gotta go back to drinkin’ in the mornin’.

    I’m not ruling out activity from the best and brightest (and, if you missed it, I am too sober for snark). But that can not — not will not, but can not… ever — Save the Republic™. The Republic is broken by design. No one — mathematically zero people — with the wherewithal to affect it’s trajectory, for the benefit of it’s victims, can do so to the benefit of The Republic. As it is broken by design. “Terrorists” Sowing The Seeds Of “All” Our Destruction™!? (So screech The Party.) Freeing the people from The Party? Straight up, Failed State™ anarchy? Easy peasy. Heads or tails… dead or alive… never both, at the same time.

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