Congrats Nats

Who needs Bryce Harper?

DC wins a championship for the first time in nearly a century. It happens during Trump. WINNING!

I hope Rendon ends up on the Mets.

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  1. Max is the beast! … that being said, ‘Stros had their opportunities, just did not capitalize w/ men in scoring position

    ‘Stros management failed abysmally … didn’t recognize that this is the LAST GAME, whereas the Nat’s management did … aka, ‘put in your best pitcher’!!!

    my MVP … either Scherzer or Strasberg … or Martinez

  2. Cool. A Canadian franchise wins the world series….Way to go, Expos. Btw, during the celebration, I saw the Venezuelan and Cuban flag. No American flag. Congrats to the Washington Internationals!

  3. it’s a bit ignorant to base a professional teams performance on the stupidity of some of their fans actions. I admit I am as guilty as most for disliking teams because of the teams location. but, I do not admire the New England Patriots excellence because of their fanbase, I admire their excellence because of their actions on the field. it has nothing to do w/ their fans. I loath most New Englander political stances as I do my own state’s fans. same with the San Francisco 49er of the ’80’s, the Philly Flyers in the ’90’s, or the Yankees in the ’50’s. the teams won, not because of the fans, but because of their performance. ‘bandwagon’ fans support a winner, not a loser.

    I have been a Washington Capitals fan since the ’70’s … had season tickets until they moved to DC (I moved out of the area & had no desire to make the trek into DC), but I didn’t root for them because of DC politics & I didn’t jump in when they won the Stanley Cup. I have been a Yankees fan since I was a child because my dad loved Mickey Mantle. I became a Baltimore Oriole fan when my dad left & I gravitated to the reginal team. I still root for the Yankees & the O’s … yeah, it’s a conflict.

    disliking a team’s performance because they won & some of their fans may be assholes is like hating Trump because of the ‘ignorant rabble’ that supports him. get it?
    (disclaimer, I am proudly a member of that ‘ignorant rabble’)

    I enjoy the win by the Nats for a few reasons. they were the underdogs ( I usually root for the underdogs if I don’t have a compelling interest in the outcome, i.e. ‘my team’), Houston has won a couple of Series already (& their fan base is quite libtard also!) & Mr. Ego Bryce Harper is still not a champion.

  4. 1) Wonder how much Stasburg will get in Free Agency?
    2) Soto and several Latin ballplayers displayed flags of their homeland like it was the friggin olympics or something.
    3) Rendon should have gotten the MVP!

    4) Joe Buck was, is, and ever will be an ass.
    5)Fox Sports sucks and their all persons of color panel of ex-yankees and assorted asswipe ballplayers was stupid in analysis and prognostication.
    5) Dave Martinez grows on you.
    6) Max Scherzer, Strasburg, and Corbin aren’t worth 100 million dolars combined.

    That all said:

    Thanks Nats — been a fan and follower of yours since 2005.

  5. Rendon should have been intentionally walked, I think it was in the seventh or eighth inning, when there was a man on first base. Yeah I know he ending getting out, with a pop up, but perhaps that inning would have ended differently?

  6. Congrats, Washington. Well done. So disappointed to see Houston’s bats go silent for every damn home game. But, as a baseball fan, at least I can express my extreme gratitude that we will be shed of Joe Buck for another year.

  7. Well whaddya know. The Inferior Baseball League wins one for a change.

    Next year, back to inferiority. What the hell is a National, anyhow? That’s as bad a name as the team that fathered it, the Expos. Like, what exactly is an Expo?

    Are there no wild vicious creatures left to name teams after? Are they all taken? Wildebeast or Gnus, Sloth, or any animal, would be better than “Nationals”.

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