Congress and POTUS Will Be Briefed on IG Report Noon Tomorrow, Public Release 3:00pm

CTH- Following the traditional process for releasing high-profile reports the Department of Justice – Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) report will be released tomorrow with a briefing to congress and the president happening around Noon, and a public release at 3:00pm. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will brief the President while senior officials from the DOJ will brief congress and their staff.

The 500-page report will cover the DOJ and FBI conduct surrounding the Clinton classified email investigation, and was originally commissioned during the Obama administration to review whether the FBI and DOJ politicized the Clinton investigation and subsequent outcome.  MORE HERE



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  1. “…and was originally commissioned during the Obama administration to review whether the FBI and DOJ politicized the Clinton investigation and subsequent outcome.”

    Okay, but this report should also include the renewed “review” brought about by new info brought to Horowitz’s attention, right? Right?! I thought that this WAS supposed to be mainly about the clinton email “investigation” under the Trump administration. It better be.

    I was listening to Jordan Peterson on the general subject of hearings, investigations, and referrals for prosecution (or lack of them) over the span of the obama regime. This time they better get it right, because if the average man on the street smells a rat — even through all the media’ attempt to mislead — then we can all just roll our eyes and conclude that government internals are exempt from eating the dog chow (laws) these jerks make the rest of us consume. Banana Republic.

  2. “…and was originally commissioned during the Obama administration…”

    AA, it looks like they’re actually going to make this investigation a part of Obama’s legacy…

    “I, uhhh, felt there were uhhh, improprieties that some folks were ignorin’. Aaaaand, somebody had to do somethin’. I made sure that happened.”

  3. Don’t be disappointed if/when there are considerable redactions.
    From what I’ve read around, it could be up to a third of the stuff.

    Not a prob…it just proves Trump’s point the DoJ has dirt to hide…
    …and THEN he authorizes (whatever the proper protocol is) release
    of the UNredacted version…showing JUST HOW SLEAZY/DIRTY the FBI&Co. are.

    Sleep well tonight, folks…LOTS to read tomorrow!

    TO AA: yes, this Report is about Hillary’s server/emails.
    The #SpyGate Report is yet to come (along with others…?!)
    only The Shadow knows…!

  4. It’s best to go into this with low expectations.
    Mine couldn’t be any lower.

    How many times have they boned us? Last I checked Lois Lerner and John koskinen are living large on huge government pensions, for instance.

  5. The AG is backing Rosenstrin, both should be terminated with extreme prejudice. Arrested at their desk so they cannot dispose of evidence.

  6. As has been pointed out in the comments at CTH, we need to remember that an IG report is primarily about findings involving violation of internal rules and procedures. If anything criminal turns up (and we all know that’s a big YES, DAMMIT!), then those referrals go to a US attorney or other prosecutor; in this case that’s Huber, whom we know has empaneled a grand jury. It’s my bet that there are already multiple sealed indictments from that GJ, but those will not be mentioned in Horowitz’s report coming out tomorrow.

    What we will have tomorrow is lots and lots of details with relatively few obviously damning statements. We’ll be reading between lots and lots of lines in this 500+ page report.

  7. I expect this will disappoint a lot of the citizenry. All the suspects have had the opportunity to read, edit and rewrite the “draft report” until they “approve”.

    Look for lots of procedural quibblings and tsk-tsking.
    The Swamp has revised this report until its Swamp-approved and acceptable to all the vested interests. Except the Constitution and the American citizenry.

    I’ll be delighted to be surprised.
    Whatever happens, Rosenstein defying Congressional oversight is unacceptable.
    That’s ample grounds for firing, followed by indictment.

  8. How many millions have we The People paid for congressional oversight only to have all the committees turn into partisan hackery, leaks to the press, butt-covering, sternly-delivered rebukes (I’m looking straight at you, Mr. Gowdy), ad nauseum, without a single, solitary prosecution for one of the dozens and dozens of crimes? I ask you! How many perjuries must we endure? Between a 3 and 1/2 day workweek, cushy chairs at committee hearings, cadillac perks and an August recess (which was originally given because the mosquito problem in Foggy Bottom was unendurable), what are we paying for? Crooks, liars and politicians…can’t tell them apart. They all need a thorough good horsewhipping.

  9. I know the Secret Service is there to protect a former president and first lady. I wonder if they would also “protect” them by preventing them from fleeing the country?

  10. Czar it has been good to see you around here again, MM has been hitting iOTW also.
    The winning will not stop for a long time.
    Next up is OPEC. Than the next stop is Iran.The list is long with P.Trump. He is tired of seeing America losing.
    Keep up the go fight.
    With P. Trump who knows what is next,but it is going to be great.
    Geoff C. the Saltine.

  11. To Anon(Geoff C?)

    Couple of reasons I’ve been “absent”: changing laws (8 year slog to culminate end of this year?…pray!), too many ChickenLittles/Concern Trolls here on this site (even this thread) whom I do not want to waste the energy drowning in expletives for their false assumptions and Tokyo Rose Negativity erroneous ‘conclusions’ based thereon.

    This IS different. Trump is NOT Obama, Bush(es) or Clinton.


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