Congress Demands ABC News’ James Goldston Explain Epstein Coverup


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and a pair of other Republican lawmakers are demanding ABC News explain why it killed a bombshell report on damning allegations against deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In a letter to ABC News president James Goldston, McCarthy, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-GA) and House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Mike McCaul (R-TX) write they are “deeply concerned that this victim, in search of justice, went to ABC News, provided information and an interview, and then ABC News chose to bury the truth.”

The letter’s existence was first reported by journalist Megyn Kelly, who shared it to her Instagram page.

McCarthy, Collins, and McCaul criticize the network for possibly aiding human traffickers and call on Goldston to turn over Good Morning America co-host AmyRobach’s interview with Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre to congressional investigators for review. read more

13 Comments on Congress Demands ABC News’ James Goldston Explain Epstein Coverup

  1. The MSM has been weaponized and is part of the deep state, and protected by the constitution. Good luck working around this.

  2. Just file charges for aiding and abetting a criminal conspiracy and make from defend themselves. We are in a war, let’s try to win!

  3. I would soooo love to see a few major broadcast licenses in jeopardy over this shit!
    In exchange for obtaining a valuable license to operate a broadcast station using the public airwaves, each radio and television licensee is required by law to operate its station in the “public interest, convenience and necessity.”
    Lying to the public through deliberate, biased and complicit distortion and/or omission of major news is NOT in compliance with the law set forth by the Federal Communications Commission.

  4. Keep a close eye on ABC. They now need a big story for distraction and to do damage control. Should be a doozy.

  5. Wow, a letter from the congressional leader of the republicans party? That should be lead story on the ABC nightly news.


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