Congress Larding Up A Fourth Stimulus Bills

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Political squabbling over what Congress should do next to address the coronavirus pandemic has begun, and the only point of agreement so far seems to be that the fourth relief bill is likely weeks from being passed, if not longer.

Just days after President Donald Trump signed a $2 trillion-plus economic stimulus package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., began floating trial balloons of what the new package should look like, including potentially another direct payment to Americans, expanded paid sick leave and infrastructure projects.

“Our first bills were about addressing the emergency. The third bill was about mitigation. The fourth bill would be about recovery. Emergency, mitigation, recovery,” Pelosi told reporters on a conference call Monday. More

Senate Majority Leader McConnell declaring he’ll take a “trust but verify” approach. Here

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  1. Let’s spend trillions of dollars at a time when our tax base (millions of workers) is no longer refilling the coffers with tax money. What could go wrong?

  2. “Larding” isn’t the first word that comes to mind to precede “up” – a fourth stimulus bill’. When I read about what the dems are doing & what their priorities are.

  3. I would suggest for tomorrow’s homeschooling lesson we study the word “inflation.” Somebody retrieve the key for the safe before its to late. The checks for the first stimulus aren’t even in the mail yet!

  4. From what they pulled with the last one, this one will most assuredly break the bank. Which is surely the plan.

  5. We’re lucky to have a government with enough cash on hand to do these things.

    Thank goodness for Trump and his fiscal responsibility.

  6. For the millions of American and their families who were just beginning to have real hope for their own futures again after digging themselves out of the unnecessary pit dug by that evil regime under Obama, this is going to be a seriously and, very possibly, lethal blow. It’s not merely the financial toll which, in itself, is no small challenge; it is the emotional drag that lingers and is so hard to overcome. Savings once again destroyed, unemployment looming. It’s like living one’s life in the flight path of locusts while trying to farm a crop of wheat. And with each passing year there is added the physical fortitude and mental acuity that isn’t quite what it was the last time around.

    And all these trillions in government cheese is going to have its price, too. Do we think the government is just going to hand out all that cheese without concessions in our freedoms? Ah, hell no.

    Damn you, John McCain. Damn you, Paul Ryan. Damn you, all you Republican cronies and pansy-assed “Never Trumpers.” I hope you all look back on your decisions with deep, unending shame.

    (I think I’m slightly depressed.)

  7. @MJA – that reminds me of an image of an old book cover of ‘1984’.

    Or maybe was it Charlottes WEB.


  8. think you misunderstood Turtle Boy … pretty sure he said, “Trust, but roll over & die” … just like the last time

  9. From Rush’s show today:
    Total deaths, worldwide, from January 1, 2020 through March 25, 2020.
    Coronavirus, 21,000 deaths.
    Seasonal flu, 113,000.
    Malaria, 228,000.
    Suicide, 249,000.
    Traffic fatalities, 313, almost 314,000 deaths.
    HIV/AIDS, 391,000 deaths.
    Alcohol related deaths, 581,000.
    Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,000.
    Cancer deaths, 1,909,000 deaths.
    Deaths attributed to starvation, 2,382,000 deaths.
    And death by abortion, 9,900,000.

  10. A “stimulus package”? Who on Earth!? would fall for calling this, the current year’s, Trillions for Billionaires! a “stimulus package”?

    What? Oh. Umm. Ahh. Never mind.

  11. Anonymous- it’s for stimulating Dem votes. Look who got their goodies in the bill and want to add the rest of their wishes in #4?

    You should also be worried about the illegals both the R and D want to import through H1B.
    That would be a stimulus for everyone but taxpayers. As usual.

  12. We are not fighting a disease…
    We are waiting to see which imbecile picked the correct statistical model.
    What horse shit!!

  13. Don’t worry, Trump would never sign a bill full of Debt,up,up,up Stock Market,down,down,down.
    The Congress should be meeting and debating things to do with anymore spending but instead we will get a few people behind closed doors filling another bill up with Pork with no debate or time to go over the bill and pass it within hours. The people need to vote out the whole phucking bunch.


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