Congress Moving to Make Cop-Killing a ‘Hate Crime’

Breitbart: Congressional legislation titled “Blue Lives Matter,” which would make cop killing a “hate crime,” will move to a floor vote in September, despite having no Democrat support.

With year-on-year gunfire deaths of police up 94 percent 16 Republican sponsors will bring the Blue Lives Matter Act, to debate and a floor vote when the U.S. House and Senate return from their summer recess.

There have been 66 police officers and 24 police K9s who have died in the line of duty in 2016, according to the “Officer Down Memorial” web site. That is actually 3 percent better than total deaths by this time last year.  more

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  1. …told the left-wing Mother Jones magazine that adding police officers to the hate crime list “distorts the purpose of the original legislation.” Which is that only minorities are capable of being hated, apparently.

  2. Sure, just add another law to the pile.
    There was nothing wrong with the laws we had.
    Make it a mandatory Capital crime to kill a cop and a life sentence for shooting at one!
    It’s pretty obvious if you shoot at someone you probably don’t like them!!

  3. Although I support any measure that would help protect police, this isn’t going to make a shit’s bit of difference to the hate filled perpetrators, who are on a suicide mission usually.

    What good does tacking another 5 years onto the sentence of a corpse do? It’s certainly not a deterrent.

    Once again congress throws out feel good legislation that will have zero impact.

    Stop tying the hands of cops, harassing them via dept of justice, and don’t elect ANYONE who
    Sympathizes with the racist terror groups BLM and Black Panther Party.

    Then take care of business.

  4. I’m not a fan of ‘hate’ crime legislation. A crime is a crime regardless and no one really can determine what is in someone’s heart. And bringing it to a federal level is just asking to politicize and bring more attention to these criminals.

    But they should bring capital punishment back everywhere. It used to be if you killed a cop it was going to be a capital offense. I can only imagine what is going to happen if they catch one of these murderers.

  5. This is fatuous. The whole “hate crime” concept is fatuous, or it is a dishonest and deceptive way of introducing the concept of criminalizing unpopular thought. As far as I am concerned, if there is to be such as thing as thought crime, the proponents of such legislation are themselves guilty of it.

  6. Why should the murder of a police officer be somehow considered more of a crime than the murder of anyone else? Murder is morally and criminally wrong no matter who the victim is.

    Setting up government employees (or anyone else for that matter) as a protected victim class subject to different laws / punishments based on the same criminal conduct is not only unconstitutional, but it is morally reprehensible. “Hate crime” legislation has always been a morally twisted idea that is completely without merit – that hasn’t changed regardless of who the victim is.

    This is a perfect example of why our federal government has become the most dangerous enemy of the US Constitution and the “We The People”.

  7. “Hate” crimes are bullshit.

    Just admit it’s a crime crime and punish the guilty accordingly. And enough of the PC newspeak bullshit, already.

  8. Uncle Al, I strongly agree. Hate is not the crime, murder is the crime. I legally hate every progressive I have to put up with.
    When they come to take my guns they will be killed, not murdered, for attempting to violate my rights out of their hatred for my freedoms.

  9. ^^^And you too, Bubba’s Brother and TSUNAMI. (slow typer here, didn’t see your comments when I started typing)

    P.S. fuck the overreaching corrupt tyrants!

  10. @Unruly refugee. Dead on target!

    I find the whole concept of laws differentiating the privileges of or penalties imposed on different classes of people to be abhorrent. All laws should apply to all people exactly the same way.

  11. Looks like they killed another one in Kansas City today. Time to turn the tables on these ass holes.

  12. Sorry. A murder is a murder is a murder. My life matters as much as any brave officer. Categorizing whose murder is more heinous by certain colors, certain sexual orientation and now certain occupations is nothing more than the Bakanization of our society. So loved by the Left. Thou shall not kill. That’s all we need to abide by.

  13. Bubba’s Brother:

    “Why should the murder of a police officer be somehow considered more of a crime than the murder of anyone else?”

    Why? Because you and everybody else sits on line and excoriates the police for everything they do that you, who do not have the facts surrounding the case, do not agree with or find “offensive.” You expect the coppers to take care of business while you relax in the comfort of your own life; you do not take responsibility for your own actions, let alone taking responsibility for the actions of others. The police do take responsibility; they gird themselves in their armor, strap on their weapons, and go to work so that you can get Buffy to Kung Fu class, and Biff to ballet. That is to say, have a normal life. They stand between you and chaos. They are the law, that is the Constitution.

    Why? Because you cowards refuse to protect civilization at the very cost of your lives. The military? Without the stabile nation provided by the police, there is no need for a military. The domestic tranquility that we enjoy is provided by the nasty police officers, not the military.

    But hey, you can do a better job; anarchy rules.

  14. Odin 2013, a down vote from me, the father of a cop who honors our constitution and sees the threats imposed upon it by out of control progressive communists and their thousands of unconstitutional regulations.

  15. @Uncle Al, equal rights and equal responsibilities. The cops are the servants of the people, not the masters. If the citizens don’t request it and are not offered the chance to vote on it, it is an unconstitutional law. The constitution being the supreme law of the nation put in place to protect us from tyrants.

    Personally, I’d prefer to be my own law enforcer rather than live under the control of a corrupt government. And I am just that on about 40 acres of God’s green earth.


    However, just because some jackass cop has to go running around the highway tasering other jackasses and I happen to hit him. I SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED WITH A HATE CRIME!

  17. For example. I mind the rules around construction zones. However, Shitlinois has a law that says, if I hit a worker, I am in jail for 14 years and fined $10k.

    I’ve almost hit these goofs. Not because I crossed the barrier, but because they’ve crossed the barrier.

    Who is at fault? Guaranteed I’ll have to climb uphill, even if the “worker” told his boss he was going to kill himself before I hit him!

  18. The problem with a hate crime is it’s about thought, if they can make that a crime as to what you think they can draw the line where they want when It comes to you and me, they can simply move the goalpost at their leisure, and have been doing so.
    No one here is calling cops nasty and we appreciate what they do, they get trained and they are paid for what they do and they except the risk with that job.
    BTW, I would come to their rescue if and when I could.

  19. More political window dressing. Feel good bullshit. Most cop killers and still in jail and coming up for parole yearly.
    My answer is. Kill a cop, you get the death penalty. That’s it!

  20. Odin – that was a lot of insulting and angry words to throw at someone you obviously know nothing about. I’ve never “excoriated the police for everything they do” here or anywhere else. Also, municipal police agencies are not necessarily part of the Constitution – a cogent argument that Sheriffs are can be made though.

    The entire concept of “the justice system” in America has been corrupted over time. When there are tens of thousands of laws on the books that are completely unconstitutional and morally wrong (and are often nothing more than excuses for corrupt politicians to steal from the citizenry, (such as red light cameras)), it is difficult for me to see “law enforcement” as always being some morally pure undertaking as a general statement.

    If a cop is an honest, decent human being, that will be reflected in the way they perform their job and I can respect them for that. Police have a greater responsibility and duty than the average citizen to follow the laws they supposedly enforce precisely because they swear an oath to uphold and enforce said laws. When cops become deliberate law breakers themselves, they should be held to a higher standard of conduct and be punished accordingly. It is not “hating on” cops to expect them to be held responsible when they willfully commit crimes themselves – it is holding them to the same expectations that most decent people hold themselves to.

    I have a stop sign in front of my house. Practically every day I see cops and sheriff’s deputies blow right through this stop sign. Yet these same law enforcement officers will stop others and issue a citation (with the accompanying fine or taking away someone’s freedom by arrest) for doing the same thing.

    Police officers are imperfect human beings just like everyone else. While I can appreciate what the presence of good peace officers do for a society in today’s world, the truth is that the morality (or lack thereof) of the members of a society are what determines whether a society is peaceful or not.

    Being a cop, a soldier, a preacher, a nurse or anything else simply has no valid bearing on the intrinsic value of human life. As a human being, my life is worth just as much as yours or that of anyone else from a moral standpoint.

    The federal government has no valid authority to make laws declaring that it is somehow a worse crime to kill a police officer than it is to kill a defenseless elderly person for their social security check or to kill someone in the process of a robbery or rape. As a general statement, flagrantly and intentionally murdering anyone (cop or not) should carry the death penalty as punishment.

    I personally try to live by God’s laws which is a higher standard than anything man has created for himself. Like Unruly stated, I’d rather take care of myself for the most part, even when there isn’t a cop there to “stand between me and chaos”. Realistically, every individual has to take care of themselves the best they can in immediate circumstances because the cops simply can’t be there every time someone is attacked by criminals.

  21. Legitimizing the leftist concept of “hate crimes” is not the answer. Murder is a crime and always has been. “Hate crimes” are only a leftist attack on free speech and free thought. They are unnecessary, at the least. They are a foot in the door to higher thought crimes against citizens, more control, more money in political pockets.

    If some bastard comes through a window trying to rape your daughter, you have every right in the world to hate that son of a bitch; and to kill him.
    And whether you hate him or you give him a big loving smooch on the lips just before you shoot the rapist, any charges against you, the home owner, should not be affected. Matter of fact, there should be no charges against a man defending his home and his family. But look how utterly fucked up this country has become; there are places where a citizen can go to prison for doing the job that the police are not able to do.
    Progs would rather you dial 911 and wait the 45 minute average for the police to arrive to document your death.

    Honest police are necessary, “hate crime” laws are not and they will only encourage more corruption.

    God Bless a Good Cop. There is nothing worse than a bad cop. (And I don’t see any of the cops who post here as being bad)

    Make it a crime to be a member of BLM, before they encourage more murders of LEO’s.

  22. The point of “hate” crimes, as I understand it, is to Federalize crimes previously under the auspices of the States. It’s a blatant power grab by the forces of centralization and coercion – they are trying (and succeeding) to make DC the center of the Universe. The likes of Affirmative Action Stooges like Holder and Lynch will be prosecuting these “crimes.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. Forget the term “hate crime”. That’s just Politically Correct bullshit.
    The real focus here should be on the fact that attacking a cop, let alone killing one, represents an attack on civilized society and as such elevates the crime to a completely different level and should be treated accordingly.

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