Congress Takes Aim at DOJ ‘Slush Fund’ to Left-Wing Activists


This week, Congress turned attention toward a continuing Obama Administration policy wherein the Justice Department (DOJ) incentivizes corporate payments to left-wing activist groups like La Raza.

As President Donald Trump wages war against federal bureaucrats left over from the Obama Administration, lawmakers are taking aim at this practice — instituted by former Attorney General Eric Holder — which effectively funds progressive get-out-the-vote operations by shaking down financial institutions.

A 2015 Wall Street Journal op-ed from Kimberly Strassel called the program “a scheme to undermine Congress’s spending authority by independently transferring dollars to President Obama’s political allies.”

On Wednesday, Fox News named two Republicans who have submitted bills to eliminate this “shadowy DOJ slush fund” in both houses of Congress. Reporter Melissa Jacobs writes that “investigators have accounted for $3 billion paid” out through the practice:

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10 Comments on Congress Takes Aim at DOJ ‘Slush Fund’ to Left-Wing Activists

  1. It’s quaint that the Republicans want to stop the practice, but how about prosecuting Obama, Holder, et al for this corruption?

  2. The Obama administration was funding sedition.
    That in itself is a criminal enterprise.
    Where’s the DOJ and FBI investigation?
    How about a special prosecutor to investigate?

  3. That’s partly my money.
    I want it back.
    Whoever had a hand in doling it out, needs to go to jail.

  4. there are a whole bunch of leftist NGO’s and organizations whose taxpayer funding we need to eliminate
    1) Planned Parenthood
    2) La Raza
    3) NPR
    4) PBS
    5) Suthren Poverty Law Center

    feel free to add to the list, y’all

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