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Congress To Defund PP

Politico is reporting that Congressional Republicans are saying “it’s a matter of time” before they can defund Planned Parenthood at the federal level.  This will allow the abortion provider to gain it’s independence from the government and for liberals who can’t get enough baby killing to put their own money towards the cause they love so much.


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  1. May this be the first of soooo many tenth amendment issues the feds exit.

  2. The hits keep coming-at this rate he’s gonna be down to deciding if it’s Pepsi or Coke for AF1 by the second year.

  3. Return of the raging coat hangers? Alinsky loop again?

    “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
    “A tactic which drags on too long is a drag.”
    A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
    “A tactic which drags on too long is a drag.”

  4. I am no fan of PP – but more than singling them out I want to defund ALL federal contributions to nonprofits. If a nonprofit is worthy of contributions then it will be supported by private citizens. I look at the various nonprofits I support financially – none of them receive federal funding, they work like crazy and on tight budgets to deliver a tremendous amount of value. I donate to political organizations like Project Veritas and Open the Books, to charitable organizations, to my church, all of which earn my donation. If PP is so good it should easily thrive on private donations. And maybe then it will stop spending million$ on political activities.

  5. Let’s dump NEA, NPR, PBS,ACORN’s replacements, Ford Foundation, etc., etc., etc. we cannot afford these freeloaders. We are $20 trillion in debt. No more giveaways. We need to rebuild our military before it is too late.

  6. Gee……this going piss the left off…..big time.
    A lot of crying and nashing of teeth……no?

  7. Gee. Just think. Tax payers have been on the hook for years to provide free condoms to everyone who wants them. Maybe now they’ll be used for their intended purpose?

  8. The shoe’s on the other foot. The left and the media aren’t going to be able to keep up with all the rugs being pulled out from under them.

  9. I wonder whether this article from Politico is just a pre-emptive strike trying to gin up opposition to any cuts that still haven’t been determined by either the House or the WhiteHouse. This is an extremely volatile subject and needs to be approached very carefully if conservatives want to avoid handing a club to liberals.

  10. HA!… Fuck you democrats!!!… If you believe in it so much, then you pay for it!

  11. This is the one way to teach Libs about the free market.
    Let them GoFundMe this and that-let the Clinton Foundation fund it and run it- what if someone comes up with a better model than PP and they have competition? How awful it’d be but this could end up having more abortion on demand clinics in the long run if the Left can figure out how to do anything without the gov involved.

  12. Death and taxes mean something very different to leftists, progressives, and democRats. Proof – government funding of Planned Parenthood, promoter of enfanticide. Obamacare, an illegal mandatory taxation, against the will of the American people. Both must be defunded ASAP.

  13. Abortion is just one way people who deny God still try to play God. Like William Munny said in Unforgiven, it’s a hell of a thing to kill a man because you take away everything he is and was ever going to be. That delusion of absolute power HAS to be amped when you know you’re killing the defenseless unborn.

    Lake of Fire.

  14. Jan 20 is a Friday, I’m thinking fun & festivities ALL weekend long. And they thought we were celebrating Nov 9th.

  15. I’m expecting the Mensheviks to buck the Bolsheviks any moment now …

    any moment … now … uhh … real soon, now … wait for it …

    Don’t hold your breath on this gaggle of gutless geese to do any-fukkin-thing.
    Only if Trump pushes them, kicking and screaming.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. These are just money laundering agencies for Democrats

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