Congressional Black Caucus Appears To Blame ‘White Women’ For Conyers’ Problems

The Congressional Black Caucus held a crisis meeting yesterday to discuss John Conyers (D-MI)’s  sexual harassment situation. Assistant leader of the House Democrats, James Clyburn (D-SC), tried to dismiss the numerous allegations by noting that all of the accusers are white women and compared the situation to the infamous Susan Smith case from 20 years ago.


The insinuation was that the accusers were like Susan Smith, white, and blaming a black man.  Worse than the race baiting was the CBC’s own attempt to down play and deny the intention of Clyburn’s comparison.


21 Comments on Congressional Black Caucus Appears To Blame ‘White Women’ For Conyers’ Problems

  1. Yep.
    That’s it.

    Poor old lonely black House Committee Chairmen are always being targetted by evil, salacious, horny white wymynses.

    Yep. And the combined efforts of the physical security of the House Complex, Capitol Police, and his Staff can’t keep them away.

    Cryin shame.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. It would seem that Conyers is the caricature of the black man that may settle for a black woman but spends most of his life lusting/chasing after white girls. The CBC probably knows of a few more of their ranks that haven’t been outed yet and are trying out excuses to see which one flies the best. I’m waiting for all the female members of the CBC to be issued their official CBC Frying Pans to interface with the male members of the group.

  3. It’s true! It’s true! If that white woman hadn’t been so shiftless, and let that pumpkin win Obama’s Throne, Mr. Conyers wouldn’t be in this mess.

  4. What a bunch of head-in-the-sand dumb asses. So white women are responsible for black girls getting pregnant at puberty so they can go on welfare, white women doom black babies by inventing unpronounceable names, white women are responsible for black father’s refusal to have anything to do with their offspring, white women get black thugs into gangs, white women force blacks to fail in school so black students won’t look white, and white women are responsible for black gang bangers killing rival black gang members. Gee Congressional Black Caucus, thanks for explanation.

  5. I suspect Conyers harassed and assaulted white women because he knew that they would be terrified of being labeled racist if they spoke up. This makes Conyers himself the racist, and a most despicable one at that.

  6. Part of the requirements bringing Congress is the ability to deflect blame for their actions to others, the presupposition is not your fault, so it must be others!
    There really should be age restrictions built in congressional elections.

  7. Is it racists to expect these men to keep their pants on while representing the United States?
    The Democrat Party is nothing more than a criminal organization that should be abolished.

  8. 🍿🍿 GET YOUR POPCORN! 🍿🍿

    It’s white feminists vs. racist black man!

    Ha. Just kidding. It’s no contest. The white women are lower in the hierarchy, and will back down. Just like they did for O.J.

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