Congressional Dems Desperate For A Winning Message

We’ve seen how they have sown dissension among their most loyal supporters by demonstrating a willingness to run pro-life candidates, now they’re  basically stealing Republican talking points in order to not lose any more ground in 2018.


I bet the cribbing off the opposition is driven by their internal polling.

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  1. To further this co-opting they are going to start to join behind Trump against China. Hopefully the Republicans see they are going to be the big losers if they continue to be an obstacle to everything Trump.

  2. “…now they’re basically stealing Republican talking points…”

    Well I’ve been saying for years that the republican party is dead. Now it is confirmed. Dems are stealing republican ideas and republicans are voting like democrats. The shark has been jumped.

  3. Hey Chuck, run to repeal Obamacare.
    The Republicans did it and won Nationwide.
    It’s a shoe in.

    You really won’t have repeal as you promised, the republicans didn’t.

    Then after the election tell everyone you’re not gonna repeal but you’re goin’ to replace it.

    Truth be known, you won’t have to replace it either. The republicans haven’t done that either.

    Chuck you know better than I, just lie to the voters, politicians make a career of it.

  4. @LCD – that’s because the line was followed by, “…and grab your cankles.”

    It didn’t occur to HCR that the voters have been doing that for decades.

  5. You know what would be a REAL kick in the head?!?
    The Dems steal the GOP’s program and slogans…

    Stranger things HAVE happened.

  6. A winning message; tell the truth.
    If you have a deviant lifestyle or are mentally ill or are a criminal or don’t want to work.

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