Congressman: List of Dems OPPOSING Impeachment “Growing by the Hour”

Dan Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY) says Democrats are turning on the push to impeach President Trump.

Breitbart reports that Reed told Fox Business yesterday,“I’m hearing not about Republicans breaking…for impeachment. I’m hearing about Democrats voting against going forward with impeachment. That is newsworthy today.”

While he didn’t name anyone specific, he said, “I’ll tell you, that list is growing by the hour here, as this unfolds, in real time.”

Yesterday, the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra reported that failed presidential candidate, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) appears to have shifted his tune on impeachment. read more

21 Comments on Congressman: List of Dems OPPOSING Impeachment “Growing by the Hour”

  1. Wouldn’t it be sweet if impeachment didn’t pass the house?

    Years ago before Trump was elected, the late modern day prophet Kim Clement declared onstage that they’ll yell “‘Impeach! Impeach!’ But this shall not happen.”

    He said A LOT about Trump. Check it out. FASCINATING stuff!

  2. @joe6pak:

    Swalwell must have checked which way the wind was blowing and didn’t like the smell.

    With that guy, the smell is worse when the wind ISN’T blowing.

  3. Dems who are not part of the leadership realize that their names are not automatically checked in the voting booth as are the big shots such as Pelosi and Waters. They know they actually have to get re-elected.

  4. They’re all starting to seriously consider what impeachment will actually mean…for their retirement accounts.

  5. I want it to go forward. This is when our side gets to set the rules and can call up Obama insiders to testify. They’re terrified of it, at least the few who have any brains.

  6. I called Lucy McBath’s office today, and I told the young staffer that she should start looking for a job as soon as Lucy votes yes for impeachment. No use waiting until next November, when she’ll be competing with hundreds of young staffers for a handful of Democrat congressional jobs.

  7. President Trump welcomes a trial in the senate; if the Dem vote for impeachment comes up ‘short,’ I reckon Republicans will be able to make up the difference and impeach the president. Then it will be ‘game on.’ Just imagine what the senate trial would reveal…

  8. @Jerry Manderin, thats the quote that keeps me afloat. Whenever i waver i think of Kim Clement and the 2007 prophecy. The shall cry “impeach, impeach, but nay, it shall not happen”.

    True, God said Nay. LOL.

  9. I think just having a (D) in front of your name is all that’s going to matter, not how you voted. Party affiliation.


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