Congressman Matt Gaetz Seeks to Eliminate Special Tax Abatements For the NFL

The NFL really stepped on their own Kaepernick, didn’t they?

They put themselves, unnecessarily, in the “wrong side of history” spotlight, and now their gravy train is possibly in jeopardy.

They get stadiums built for them at taxpayer expense, then they sell you a 10 dollar hotdog and pocket the money.

As the congressman said, their tax breaks would be better served going directly to Walter Reed hospital.

Why it took this incident- the kowtowing of owners and the league and its deranged SJWs who insist blacks don’t have civil rights and that America is simply a downright nasty place- to have congress correct this tax injustice is its own injustice. But at least it is possibly happening now.

I hope the owners pass these losses along to the moron players who know more about dreadlocks than they do Dred Scott.

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  1. Hopefully this will be true, but it’s one congressman.

    As for the NFL, the only way they’ll ever get me back is if they are so strapped for cash that the teams can only afford half an outfit for the cheerleaders.

  2. OH NO, no more freebie, complementary tickets for Congressmen, Senators and staff.

    Ryan will not allow this to happen.

  3. I think there’s no choice about passing diminishing revenues on to players. If I remember correctly there’s a revenue sharing agreement in place with the revenue from broadcast and licensing of jersey etc being split evenly between teams. The gate is split 60/40 (60% for the home team) and concessions being kept. The drop in broadcast which is likely being discussed now will be the big kicker for the team which is going to pass on the shortfall to the players as they get 55% of the broadcast revenue paid out to them in salaries. Start stripping away tax breaks that professional sports gets that other businesses don’t. I pretty much a capitalist but I think it’s time we stopped paying those insane sports salaries propped up, at least in part, by tax breaks. Imagine that just about anyone could afford a ticket if they weren’t a couple of hundred each or if each advertiser refused to pay 5 million bucks for a 30 sec superbowl spot.

  4. Taxpayers gifting fat cat zillionaire team owners with free, custom built stadiums ( plus parking and attached complexes) was always a blatant, corrupt ripoff.
    These stadium complexes occupy huge tracts of prime real estate. It makes money only for the owners, never for the City or Citizens. The only non-team “jobs” generated are janitorial and other low-wage.
    Without tax free status AND free stadiums as outright gifts, the NFL biz model completely ceases to work. Total non-starter.

    If the Left succeeds in killing the NFL, as seems likely, those stadiums become useless white elephants. They’ll default on their financing. More Cloward-Piven.
    Stadiums can’t readily be redeveloped into anything else. Chariot races? Bear baiting? Human sacrifice? Public executions?

    Without tax exemptions, NFL teams will file for bankruptcy in 24 hours. Team valuations will collapse from $Zillions to whatever a strip mall coin laundromat is worth.
    Goodbye owners, goodbye players, and good riddance.

  5. Don’t need a Congressman, or Congressional Action to do it.
    As I understand it (mistakenly or otherwise) the NFL is considered a “charity” by the IRS. How this ever came into existence, I have no idea, but the obvious corruption involved is breathtaking. That it has existed for so long, with nary a discouraging word from EITHER political party, is a testament to the depths to which we have sunk as a Republic.
    And there’s more, of course. The Clinton’s “Foundation,” the Ford Foundation, ACLU, SPLC, Operation PUSH, National Action Network, NAACP, and a host of other – obviously socialist financial contrivances – have gotten away with tax evasion for decades – and we – with or without our political “masters” consent – do ABSOLUTELY nothing.

    izlamo delenda est …

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