Congresswoman Wrongly Announces Death of Rep. John Lewis, Apologizes

Bongino: On Saturday, reports went around saying that Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, had died.

However, these rumors are untrue, according to his staff, who have confirmed that Lewis is alive and resting at home.

Michael Collins, Lewis’ chief of staff, said that the “rumors are not true. He is resting comfortably at home.”

It seems that the original report came from a tweet saying as such from Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC), which has been deleted since: more here

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  1. The funny thing is, as a dem rep, she would have had the easiest time reaching one of bullet head’s (thanks, Diogenes!) staff to find out how he was. But she didn’t.

    Whether he’s dead and the staff is lying or he’s actually alive makes no difference. It wasn’t her place to say anything. She’s a graceless pig.

  2. She damn sure does owe us an apology. I racked up a huge bill at the liquor store not to mention the fireworks I purchased.

  3. Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It’s not pretty. “Resting comfortably” is the best of a bad situation for him. The news of his demise has not been greatly exaggerated in this case.

    Why do people feel compelled to fill up their twitter feed with unverified stuff — especially this kind of unverified stuff?

  4. The advantage of proxy voting is that you’re never really dead if someone in the House still votes for you.

  5. Oh here we go again, {soon enough anyway} the donkey pulling his carcass on a cart and the capital rotunda stunk up with his fetid remains.
    I’d only participate if I was allowed to throw the first shovel of dirt on his box.

  6. Well who was it that died a couple months ago? I swear it was him. Does he have an identical twin?

    My mistake, I just looked it up. Elijah Cummings.

  7. …plans being made to park his body in front of The White House so they can lob cheap shots at the President while cowering behind it in 3…2…1…

  8. Too bad that is bit of fake news about this despicable, racist, greedy, monumentally stupid human turd isn’t true. Complete waste of oxygen.

  9. …I wonder if anyone’s told the soon-to-be departed that Heaven won’t give him an affirmative action pass just because of his skin color, but Hell will be happy to fully integrate him in the Lake of Fire with all the Democrats and John McCains that have gone before him…

    …OK, time to update this old chestnut again…

    …one day in hell in the very near future, where time is measured only by the durations of the screams of agony ripped from the damned and the only lighting the lurid flicker of the sulphurus Lake of Fire they all bathe in, the devil washed John Lewis up next to Bill Clinton for one of his jokes.

    When he saw Bill he got so offended it temporarily overrode his extreme agony so he could talk, so he huffily said to Bill,
    “I know I’m evil and wrong and a divider and caused pain and death for all the people I was supposed to be representing, but for all the bad stuff I did, YOU’VE done MUCH, much WORSE, but here I am in the Lake up to my CHIN, and there YOU are only in the Lake up to your WAIST. Why should THAT be, is the devil rayciss?!?

    …then Bill, giving his trademark smirk though his pain replied, “No, it’s because I’m sitting on Hillary’s shoulders”.

  10. One of the brains behind the democrat party although he has to stomp his feet to count up numbers.

  11. If fairness to the Dim Rep, his brain died years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if, when he really dies. they hang him from a tree and cry ‘lynching’.

  12. Will history repeat itself quicker this time?

    In 1998 and also in the month of June.
    A Congressional elected official ran to the podium to announced Bob Hope had died … But Mr. Hope had not died and lived another 4 years.

    While I am sure this is not what many want to hear, used this way?
    But it has a good ring to it “4 MORE YEARS” …. and they’ll all be with him blowing a fuse everyday because TRUMP was re-elected and serving 4 MORE YEARS.

  13. I don’t care – either way.

    He’s an utterly worthless piece of shit. A grifter. A hypocrite. A liar.
    Live or die – sooner or later – he has to stand before the Ultimate Judge.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. UPDATE:July 18th, 2020 6:14am
    The Augusta Chronicle Newspaper in Augusta Ga.,recently purchased by the Liberal leaning Media syndicate Gannett | USA TODAY NETWORK.

    The Gannett | USA TODAY NETWORK syndicate of 300+ newspapers is likely running the 6am published story. The paper also stated the Georgia lawmaker had been suffering from Stage IV pancreatic cancer since December 2019. and he was 80 years old.

    To me.
    He was initially a great civil rights leader who worked with MLK in the 1960’s. But like most of MLK’s main circle (The Rev’s) he quickly faltered and was radicalized as fame, $$$ and political power took control erasing his Civil Right accomplishment.

    My condolences to his family.

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