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Congresswoman Yvette Clarke(D) Calls ICE The Gestapo Of America


Yvette Clarke is our version of Maxine Waters. She’s just younger but just as wacky.

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21 Comments on Congresswoman Yvette Clarke(D) Calls ICE The Gestapo Of America

  1. Where are these loons produced? Is there no depth the left won’t sink to elect these idiots? With the average IQ of 80 among the black population maybe I’m expecting too much.

  2. I hope the dems put her in charge of something important, or rig a primary again. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are getting up there in years and it’s hard to find someone who is as useful to conservatives as they are.

  3. Looking at her she look like a monkey that just got lost.
    The woman is a disgrace to this country, And she Represents the ghetto people in Brooklyn newYork. The people in New York need to wake up and vote for people that can really represent them.not does animals that New York have representing them know..

  4. wonder where this pile of ‘intelligent thought’ was when Janet Reno’s SWAT team pulled Elian Gonzalez out of that closet?

    … I swear she looks like Little Richard in that pic

  5. A nuther moron who has no idea of history (never learned it in screwel) and no idea of what she is talking about! Trivializing something as heinous as the third reich to further an agenda is atrocious!

  6. Hmmm . . . did Yvette teach at the schools who indoctrinated my husband’s millennial nieces to call him a racist for supporting Trump’s stance on ending chain migration and the visa lottery? He loves to create a sh*t storm on FB. Yet, another reason not to attend his family gatherings.

  7. She be needin’ a history lesson an shit…..
    pretty sure nazi Germany did not have an illegal immigrant problem, for obvious reasons.

  8. Yet, when Clinton ordered the return of Elien Gonzalas back to Cuba, the dems said they were just doing their jobs. Go figure!

  9. Hey Yvette! You don’t like our immigrations laws? You’re a Congressperson! CHANGE THEM!

    (Of course, they all know if they tried to do something like that, the people in this country with common sense would vote them out of office next election, if not impeach them immediately!)

  10. @ Moe Tom: Thanks for introducing me to that great word CAITIFF! It’s perfect for so many today. I’ve sent the word on to 26 other fellow travelers, several of whom have already thanked me.

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