Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Remington Can Be Sued Over Sandy Hook

Can people sue car manufacturers when they mow into crowds?


Ever since a mentally deranged person killed 27 people in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, the victims families and others have been looking for someone or something to blame. More specifically, several have focused on Remington Firearms because bad guns! Today the Connecticut Supreme Court told Sandy Hook families that yes, they can sue Remington Arms.

That argument pops up every single time there is some type of major shooting incident in this country. People want to blame the guns so badly that they willingly overlook the other facts in those cases or this one for that matter.

The mental history of the shooter and the horrifically unfortunate choices made by his mother played a significant role in what happened that day. As Deanna pointed out here, the Sandy Hook report makes it clear that the shooter had become increasingly anti-social and violent. Yet because she was SHOT BY HER OWN SON, there’s no one left to blame.

Which leads us to the lawsuits against gun manufacturers. Never mind the fact that EVERY SINGLE weapon used by the shooter was legally obtained by his mother. Never mind the fact that the shooter stole them from her. Nope. It’s the guns that did all this so let’s sue them and that will make it all better. Except that it won’t.

What is the Supreme Court’s reasoning for this ruling? 

“The Connecticut high court disagreed on extremely narrow grounds, treating it as a case of illegal advertising.

It said the suit, which seeks unspecified damages for each death, could go forward under that state’s Unfair Trade Practices Act, a statute aimed at harmful marketing, in this case marketing not of the weapon itself but the use of the weapon as a potential tool for “offensive military style combat” by civilians, which is illegal.”


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  1. Do the geniuses on the Connecticut Supreme Court realize that the U.S. Congress passed a law that prohibits exactly this kind of lawsuit? Protection if Lawful Commerce Act 2005.

  2. Guess we’re going to see if New Zealand’s courts have the same mindset. Somebody over there has had enough of the muslim baloney.

  3. Has there ever been, in America, a more contested Constitutional Amendment than the 2nd??

    The answer is NO.

    There is ONLY ONE reason for that… stands in the way of a complete takeover of America by the Communistic, Liberal, Marxist ASSHOLES that demand total control of the masses.

  4. The whole crux of their “win” is that they can sue over how Remington allegedly irresponsibly marketed their product.

    To. Someone. Who. Didn’t. Buy. It.

    They have no standing. It would be like suing Ford because someone stole one of their cars to use as a getaway after they robbed the bank.

    Forget it, Jake. It’s Connecticunt.

  5. Lemme see if I got this right. Did the clowns on the Connecticut Supreme Court just rule that whomever built the public transportation system the shooter used to get to the crime scene, can be sued? How bout Costco? Did Costco sell Adam Lanza his glasses? What about Kelloggs? Did Lanza have Sugar Frosted Flakes for breakfast?

  6. Hey, Connecticut Supreme Court. In today’s Sandy Hook ruling, are you saying that government officials who declare their state or cities as sanctuaries for illegals, can be sued if an illegal commits a crime?

  7. Sure, why not? As soon as you release the hospital records and death certificates for that day.
    BTW, the ones for Barry Soetoro don’t count,,,
    (For Farce Sake)

  8. Look, folks, they just don’t want to risk you killing someone in defense of yourself or your family.

    So that they can safely kill you at will when everyone else is finally disarmed.

  9. If this lawsuit goes to court, will all factual evidence be allowed to be presented? Will a criminal and corrupt government and judicial system even allow contradictory facts? Can intelligent people overcome their own resistance to examine evidence that exposes the corrupt deceptions of their own government?

    SANDY HOOK: A FEMA drill to promote gun control
    “This elaborate hoax appears to have been planned long in advance, where Attorney General Eric Holder met with Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy on 27 November 2012 to discuss the administration’s programs for gun control. And, on 16 January 2013, Barack Obama signed 23 Executive Orders to restrict the right to bear arms.”

    Sandy Hook hoax: 6 signs that school was closed before massacre
    “If the school already was closed, no children or teachers would be there on December 14 to be gunned down by Adam Lanza.
    Here’s the evidence supporting the contention that SHES had long been abandoned:”

  10. A lot of gun manufacturers have left CT. Ruger, Marlin and Mossberg come to mind. CT used to be the gun capital of the world. SO glad I left that ship of fools.

    I hope this ruling doesn’t get by the Federal Supreme Court.

  11. If any firearms or related equipment manufacturers still remains in the socialist run states they are part of the problem. Their taxes and their employees taxes help fund this crap.

  12. Logic would follow that CT state employees (including all law enforcement) must give up their guns. (From all manufacturers, what’s the difference?)
    The first ‘gun-free’ state, they’d get a wave of new industry: armed robbers.

  13. So, the plaintiffs contend they can prove Remington advertised their product to ‘shoot up schools and wantonly kill children’?
    Good luck with that anywhere reasonable, thinking people live. Connecticut, maybe. Elsewhere, I don’t think so.

  14. Wow, I would have thought a State Supreme Court Justice would be harder to buy. I love it when the left Judges have to bend over and stick their heads of each others butts to find a reason to try to damage the constitution. This time they had to bring flashlights. I suspect that if the plaintiffs win (they really need to get over this and move on with their lives and their surviving kids lives must be hell) the appeal to SCOTUS will overturn any verdict as an overreach by the State Judges.

  15. tRuth nails it solidly to the wall. Bring it on, bitches!

    Will Discovery be allowed on the record to expose the details and circumstances of this shooting? ALL the circumstances. How about some Connecticut Death Certificates, for starters.

    Three guesses. First two don’t count.


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