Conservative Activist Deanna Lorraine Announces Campaign For California’s 12th District

OAN: A conservative California native has emerged as a candidate, taking on long-time congresswoman and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. One America’s Rachel Acenas spoke with author and activist Deanna Lorraine about how she plans to take on Pelosi.

SNIP: Check her out HERE, at her website.

11 Comments on Conservative Activist Deanna Lorraine Announces Campaign For California’s 12th District

  1. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
    Remember, Speaker is only one of 435 members running for reelection every two years.

  2. Yeah, last year Pelosi refused to debate the Republican candidate and I am sure she will continue that practice. Just a blip on her radar. But hopefully Lorraine will get a little air time and help to move the tide just a little.

  3. Here’s how we get conservatives elected in districts that are not our own:

    1) volunteer to make phone calls into those districts using the campaign’s calling system
    2) if convenient, go walking and knocking on doors. Too many times we learn from voters that a Republican has NEVER visited or talked with voters because it was assumed a “Blue” district was 100% in favor of the D incumbent.
    3) Give financial support.
    4) Give social media support.

    This is how the D’s get their people elected all over the country. We need to respond.

  4. Admirable, but she has a less than zero chance of winning. The progs of the Bay Area absolutely love Nancy. There are billboards on the freeways saying, “Thank you, Nancy”. God bless you Nancy is out since they don’t believe in God. Trump is a usurper, a monster and an affront to all the enlightened, Nancy is fighting for them.

    The type of adulation and deification ascribed to RBG flows to her in spades. She must endure or civilization as they know it ceases to exist.

    Oh, and that awful Chesa Boudin got elected DA for San Francisco. He has pledged to reform criminal justice, translation; nobody will be arrested for anything, the criminals and thugs will own the streets, law-abiding citizens need to accept this as furthering the cause of social justice. The Police Union is bleeding thru their eyes.

  5. It doesn’t matter. All of the elections in that filthy state are rigged anyway. Voters there are just tools to make the leftists in charge look like they are legitimate.

  6. San Franciscans love their hypodermic needles, homelessness, crime, and feces. They snarl over the mere thought of losing those fine attributes. How dare anyone take that away? To each their own.

  7. The good news is Deanna is telegenic and can be heard above the noise. Whether she wins or not, she’s starting or at least part of a movement.

    It is unprecedented how crazy women and retarded men are seeking elected office. It’s great to see and hear DeAnna.

    Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    McCain didn:t kill himself either. But who cares, as long as he’s gone.

  8. the fed is printing money out the ass and the mkt is going to do absolutely nothing but go up massively.

    There is a gigantic, never ending bid beneath the mkt.


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