“conservative” Ana Navarro Praises Biden’s Age and Fat Shaming of Voter

16 Comments on “conservative” Ana Navarro Praises Biden’s Age and Fat Shaming of Voter

  1. This fat communist lazy ass porker has got more ham than a hog.

    Arrogant Bitch is a walking sack of rotten carnitas.

  2. Democrat/Communist rule book: Always accuse others of what you are doing. This deflects blame and normalizes the behavior.

    Simple yet amazingly effective.

  3. Who the hell ever described her as a Republican (or a conservative for that matter). Her political career consisted of working as a consultant (no doubt the obligatory minority Hispanic) on the campaigns of Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Huntsman and Jeb Bush again. Then she went on the talk show/TV Political circuit selling herself as the pet Conservative/Female/Hispanic who hates Trump and any real conservative and can be depended upon to hit out at conservatives on command.

  4. And that moron who said you’d get “The Wrath Of Kahn” talking about her kids that way is so stupid because who was it that died?


  5. Well, porker has been used. Gordo as well… maybe rellena? Anyway, hogged up that young bespeaks a lack of self control not uncommon among the slatternly leftist females.

  6. Anas fatter than that old boy out in iowa so there. Shes a damned liar too. Biden is a horrible candidate almost as bad as evil witch

  7. The photo of nazzarro is actually a shot of her while being sexually pleasured. But we we can see, she’s frigid, which accounts for her hatered of those who are not.

  8. I think old Joe was about one step away from getting his ass kicked that day. I would like the old fool to advance on me like that.

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