Conservative assaulted in Berkeley speaks out

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  1. The University won’t do a goddamn motherfucking thing about that goddamn faggoty assed cunt motherfucker who threw the punch. They never do a fucking thing. You want to stop this shit, then show up armed in some way. Form an intelligence service for your organization. Identify people who assault your staff. Track them down, find them, and beat the living fuck out of them.

  2. Defend yourself FFS. So sick of watching these ‘conservatives’ get their ass kicked without even putting up a fight.

  3. The asshole aggressor is just another school yard bully that has never had his ass kicked.

    Kick his ass so hard he will have to loosen his collar in order to fart.

  4. That asshole is wearing a backpack. He is obviously a student there. It shouldn’t be hard to comb through student IDs to find him. Why are UC officials asking for the public’s help in identifying him.

  5. When I was in high school, I was like Denzel Washington in the Equalizer. When I identified a bully who had gone too far with some kid who couldn’t defend himself, I made him pay dearly. It was usually in a way where he never knew who had made his world crumble around him so that he couldn’t exact revenge. It was very humbling for the bully and every kid in school took glee at his well deserved misfortune. I should probably be ashamed at some of the things I did to punish these bullies, but I just can’t seem to get to that point. They needed and deserved what they got.

  6. Dude didn’t want to be seen as the aggressor.
    Stood up to a bully and got punched in the face. On camera.

    Cops and school will pull a Sgt. Shultz – wait and see.

    The lesson will be lost on those who would most benefit from it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Cause and effect for TDS should easily be proven in a court of law. Law suits against the MSM are in order and in particular those that specifically demonize Trump supporters in the most blatant ways.

  8. Billy, after 2+ years, one would think the medical profession would classify TDS as a mental condition, if they weren’t all leftists wackos.

  9. Looked down at his phone right before the cheap shot, never take your eyes off your aggressor. How many times in a week does Sean mention his MMA training?

  10. This is only going to get worse as we approach the next election. Be careful people. The left is completely unhinged with rage.

    This is so sad to have to say this, but…. Don’t lose your life over a red hat. Vote.


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