GOP Faction in Utah Affirms Rule that Could Disqualify Romney’s Senate Campaign

Breitbart: A group of conservative Republicans in Utah has moved to head off former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s attempt to run for the U.S. Senate by reaffirming a state rule that would prevent Romney from appearing on the ballot.

Powerful conservative members of the Utah Republican Party’s Central Committee passed a measure reaffirming a state rule that excludes signature-gathering to gain access to the ballot, according to New York magazine.

The measure is a direct threat to Romney, who has already announced that he intends to pass petitions and gather signatures to prove his viability to run for the U.S. Senate in the Beehive State.

The conservatives have triggered a power struggle within the Party, pitting a large number of conservatives against more moderate party chairman Rob Anderson, a Romney supporter. The conservative faction does not have the juice to oust Anderson outright, but they did have enough power to push the anti-Romney measure. read more

23 Comments on GOP Faction in Utah Affirms Rule that Could Disqualify Romney’s Senate Campaign

  1. Must be why Sweaty Thumb has had guest hosts on his radio show for the last couple of days. Erick must be out in Utah, plotting with the other Nevertrump Rangers to help Willard.

  2. Do they not know we need BIpartisans! Mit was a big Clinton man just 2 years ago. He can and did “reach across the aisle”! Send Dave French to give them a lesson!

  3. Please, God, let the integrity of the conservative faction of the Utah Republican party win this fight. President Trump needs honest conservatives to help him do the work you set him in place to do. Amen.

  4. Poor ole Mittens doesn’t know whether he’s a Republican, a Demonrat, a Bolshevik, a Menshevik, a Taxachusettan, a Utahan, or a Michiganer.

    All that he’s absolutely sure of is that he wants elected office.
    Hmmm … don’t that seem strange?
    No principles (to speak of), no direction, no morals (an assumption on my part), no state, no home – but an irrepressible lust for public office.

    Ah, well … good luck, Utah!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. The man lost his senate bid against the detestable criminal Ted Kennedy in 1994. He lost his presidential bid against the detestable criminal Barack Obama in 2012.

    He’s a perennial loser who still believes he’s God’s gift.

  6. Pay back for dissing and ridiculing Trump during Trump’s campaign. Romney now has the Trump curse! Tsk, tsk.

  7. Sorry Mittens – go back and carpetbag a state like CT – where even YOU would be an, “improvement.” 😳

  8. Mitt shouldn’t have to follow the rules, he’s MITT ROMNEY! From Michigan. And Massachusetts! AND CALIFORNIA TOO!

  9. Romney only gets the fire in his
    belly when he sees conservatives
    to attack. Keep the backstabber out.

  10. He’s like a Kenyan/Indonesian/British national “Hawaiian” from Shitcago I knew once… but I forgot his name… 😕

  11. I think from the polls I’ve seen come out of Utah, he’s favored by 80% to win. But hey, he can suffer triple the torture they gave Trump on his way to his seat. No sympathy here.

  12. He is gallivanting across the nation, trying to find a state with an available public tit he can latch onto. There are not too many job openings for career losers in the Private sector.

  13. After the debacle that happened when I didn’t vote for McStain, I held my nose and voted for Mittens. Turns out it wasn’t my fault after all.
    I didn’t support President Trump during the primaries, damn sure did after.
    So glad President Trump won.
    I just like typing President Trump, you?
    Love how President Trump can scroll up the Progs like a Banshee on the apron.

  14. The Mittster is hoping he doesn’t suffer the same indignity as Bob Bennett who didn’t win the 2010 Utah caucus. Was he PISSED! He felt that that Senate seat was HIS for the third time, by entitlement!
    I’m trying to remember if Bennett then tried to go the signature collection route or not. But it wasn’t too long after, that the faux-populist (koff dildocrat koff socialist koff) “Count My Vote” came into being and is still trying to replace the Republican “representative” caucus candidate selection method with a direct “democratic” one person-one vote (mob rule stacked deck) method.


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