“Conservative” Michelle Fields Hired by Huffington Post

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Michelle Fields, the conservative reporter who had Donald Trump’s campaign manager charged with battery, has a new job.

Fields is heading to the Huffington Post, where she will cover the 2016 campaign with a specific focus on Trump and the Republican Party.

 “After the tumultuous events of the last few months, I am ready to get back to writing and reporting on what is without question the most bizarrely fascinating presidential race of my lifetime (and, perhaps, any lifetime),” Fields said in a statement on Sunday night.

Fields, who will start at HuffPost on Monday, said she is “beyond excited to join one of the biggest names in political journalism.”

HuffPost Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim called Fields “one of the most widely read chroniclers of the conservative movement.”







16 Comments on “Conservative” Michelle Fields Hired by Huffington Post

  1. We can’t trust a word she says because we caught her lying bigly. So, that was a bad investment of HP, won’t even give her articles or reports any credence unless they are bogus and come up on my radar and I can reply to the lying little…hussie’s work.

  2. Did the HP hire her because she’s exhibited great journalistic skills or because she is willing to make up stories to damage Republicans?
    The latter, right?
    Which just PROVES beyond all doubt that the HP is not a legitimate journalistic enterprise.
    They are nothing but a dishonest hyperpartisan propagandist.

  3. I think The Onion is more reputable than Huff Post. I actually see facts used in The Onion every once in a while.

  4. Whatever, I never even heard of her before her temper tantrum. And if she can that easily switch to Huff, then they can have her.

  5. Michelle Fields is hardly an unbiased source.

    I’d rather read Juanita Broaddrick covering the Clinton campaign.

  6. Her true colors finally show. She’s a dishonest left wing propagandist. Will her coverage of Trump still be in the entertainment section or has HuffPo finally decided to move Trump to politics?

  7. Who? Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of, or read anything of hers, prior to the Trump tempest-in-a-teapot.
    May she fade just as quickly and as completely into the obscurity she came from.

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