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Conservative Momma: ‘Don’t be Played’


When you can’t argue on platform…because you don’t have one, you attack personally….and that’s what we are witnessing from the left.

Remember during the campaign how so many women came forward and accused Trump of Rape or assault? Where did all those women go? It was a personal attack that held NO TRUTH. The left has no platform, the only way they govern (or would like to govern is through emotion)…..we are now watching the left tag team with the Globalist owned media in attacking Trump through character assassination hoping to play on your emotions.  read more


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  1. You know, I kinda understand the poor bastards….I was almost that crazy after 8 years of that shithead with his feet on the desk talking down to “folks.”

  2. Racist, sure I am, isn’t everybody now?
    Rapist, sure I am, I am male after all.
    Deplorable, must be, I voted for President Trump.
    Gun toting, you bet, since I was 12.
    Bible quoting, yes, I quote Voltaire, Freud, Louis L’Amour, Mencken, Orwell, and a lot of others too, so? Alinsky is for followers, not for leaders.
    I for one embrace my obstinance.

  3. My recent Backgammon losses are suspicious as well.
    She’s on to something, that Saucy Conservative Momma

  4. They hate POTUS because he is what they can never be–honest and truthful!

    BTW…the auto-closed captioning is hilarious and well-worth a second or third viewing!!!

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