Conservative, Not Liberal, Cities Are Ending the White-Black Achievement Gap in Education

Daily Signal|Walter E. Williams

A recent report by Chris Stewart has shed new light on some of the educational problems faced by black youth. The report is titled “The Secret Shame: How America’s Most Progressive Cities Betray Their Commitment to Educational Opportunity for All.”

Stewart is a self-described liberal and CEO of Brightbeam, a nonprofit network of education activists who want to hold progressive political leaders accountable.

The report asks, “So how do we explain outstandingly poor educational results for minority children in San Francisco—which also happens to be one of the wealthiest cities in the country?” “The Secret Shame” reports that progressive cities, on average, have black/white achievement gaps in math and reading that are 15 and 13 percentage points higher than in conservative cities.

For example, in San Francisco, 70% of white students are proficient in math; for black students it’s 12%—a 58-point gap. In Washington, D.C., 83% of white students scored proficient in reading compared to 23% of black students—a 60-point gap. read more

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  1. This is purely my opinion based on anecdotal experience and common sense.

    The gap for blacks is a cultural/socio-economic problem – and it’s not limited to blacks, but they are dis-proportionately harder hit – made worse by peer pressure and group-think. Education, achievement, and assimilating into the “white mans'” world is ridiculed and looked at as selling out and leaving the plantation. Look at Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and Ben Carson, to name a few. In the school system, ask any teacher willing to speak honestly.

    Blacks who toe the democrat party line are constrained by their group-think chains, and their achievement results reflect that constraint. Conservative blacks, on the other hand, break the group think chains and are free to achieve their full potential – even if it means assimilating into the (heaven forbid) “white man’s world”.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for blacks. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there is plenty of discrimination out there, but it’s more complicated than just solely skin color based. They choose to remain insular, masking it in “black pride”. Try American-pride and you’ll be amazed at how far you can go.

    Alex Haley DID NOT help their cause at all.

  2. Stirrin the Pot, very well put. Playing the victim of white oppression will not move you or your family ahead.

  3. I tutored math in college, everyone needed math 101 to graduate with a business degree. I took three at a time and made them buckle down.

    First day – OK, if you hadn’t flunked Math 101 twice after having a college paid tutor you would not be here with me. Flunk this time and you pay for your own tutor.

    If you show up unprepared – you are out of here. If you screw with me you are out of here. Any questions? OK, let’s go.

    I never lost a student or had one fail and when I transferred to a four year school I had students driving 50 miles round trip and was the only tutor who they ever had that was doing it after leaving the community college.

    They were fully capable, but full of excuses. Once they found out that I was having none of that they were actually pretty good students. I don’t think any of my students ever got below a B

    75% minorities

  4. Of course. Conservatives want to rescue people from ghettos and ghetto culture. Leftist want to leave the ghetto enslaved and on a short leash – using rats like beyonce, or obama.

  5. The left is insidious. Realize, of course, that “proficient” merely means, for all students, the ability to add/subtract using fingers and toes and reading at a “Dick/Jane” level. That puts most black non-education into perspective.

    Soros and the left-progs are playing to win. Fuck death and suffering. They tried Russia, Russia, Russia. Then, it was Ukranian extortion because of Trump’s fear of Joe Biden. Next, it was impeachment.

    Covid19 is the biggest gambit yet: destroy the world’s economy: murder/suicides, suffering, starving and death. Hell’s bells, think of Stalin.

    The progs and Donks are winning on the education front. Will they destroy the economy? I don’t know. But, they won’t “play nice” and winning is their game. …..Lady in Red

  6. LIR? The same LIR fro 6-7+ years ago? I’ve been off this site for quite a while, and have only recently got back on it, but you and I used to have some epic exchanges when I was active back then.

    Your comment is totally out of character from what I remember (too conservative). Are you the same one?

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