Conservative Radio Host Larry Elder Seriously Considering Run for Calif. Governor

(Headline USA) California on Thursday scheduled a Sept. 14 recall election that could drive Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, the result of a political uprising largely driven by angst over state coronavirus orders that shuttered schools and businesses and upended life for millions of Californians.

Meanwhile, conservative talk show host Larry Elder, 69, issued a brief statement Wednesday night saying he was seriously considering entering the race and would announce his decision early next week. His entry into the race would give the Republican field a jolt of celebrity sparkle and a name on the ticket known through his nationally syndicated radio show and appearances on Fox News.

The election in the nation’s most populous state will be a marquee contest with national implications, watched closely as a barometer of the public mood heading toward the 2022 elections, when a closely divided Congress again will be in play.

The date was set by Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, a Democrat, after election officials certified that enough valid petition signatures had been turned in to qualify the election for the ballot.

The announcement will set off a furious, 10-week burst of campaigning through the California summer, a time when voters typically are ignoring politics to enjoy vacationing, backyard barbecuing and travel. more here

16 Comments on Conservative Radio Host Larry Elder Seriously Considering Run for Calif. Governor

  1. Raise your hand if you believe that Governor Hair Gel already has enough votes to overcome the recall election. He is a Democrat in basically a one-party state run by Democrats. The Democrats have already pulled out the big guns to do what they can to keep Newsom in office. I don’t believe he won’t suffer Gray Davis’ fate. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  2. Elders is a man.
    The governorship of CA requires a twisted, perverted thing.
    Newsom is an oleaginous, creeping, twisted, perverted thing.

    Good for him, but I believe that if he got elected he’s be surrounded by traitors and other assorted asshole opportunists as was President Trump.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Since the fraudulent 2020 election, I don’t understand how people can feel assured that their dead relative’s votes are properly counted

  4. Elders must be a RACIST!!! It does not matter that he is black. It does not matter that he preaches that all people are equal. He is a conservative. He is not for reparations, and he does not believe in the leftist dogma that has ruined his state.

    BTW, I am going to contribute to his campaign, so once he has to disclose his contributors I will be doxxed and vilified. To those that do that, FU!!

    Go Larry, go!! And I wish you the best of luck!

  5. Political “Scientist”, Jack Pitney says, “Elder has a reputation for being a provocative conservative, not a champion of African-American interests,”. And there is one of the big problems. Mr. Elder is a champion of freedom for all Americans, which obviously includes all races. The leftists just won’t stand for that!

  6. I’ve enjoyed listening to Larry Elder since I was a kid and he was on morning talk shows compleat with the Commodore mustache. Yet one thing he is not is conservative, and he would tell you himself. He is libertarian. Not that it matters much in the context of this article. Elections are kabuki and outcomes are predetermined.

  7. The residents of California couldn’t take the shock of competent leadership.
    Larry would be a fantastic governor and that’s exactly why they’ll never elect him.

  8. Do it Larry……….. what with your radio show and the thousands and thousands who listen to you, what the hell, give it a try you might be surprised at the results. Good luck, I’ll be praying for you.

  9. Larry ran for Senate twice. I voted for him twice! Generally distrust lawyers. Lary and Glenn I trust.

    The Georges have don a very good job of poisoning the well on recall. Gavin stays; Larry has no chance; same with guy from S. D.

  10. A total waste of time and money. The news media only covers two candidates. Newsom and Bruce. Your average Californian thinks those are the only two candidates running.

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