Conservative Shareholder Grills CEO Of Dick’s Sporting Goods For Pushing Anti-Gun Propaganda

DC: An investor confronted the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods on Wednesday at the annual shareholders meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, blasting the retailer’s recent anti-gun advocacy.

David Almasi, a vice president at the National Center for Public Policy Research, attended the meeting representing the think tank’s Free Enterprise Project, according to Fox Business. Almasi accused CEO Edward Stack of violating fiduciary duties by knowingly and purposely giving up money.

“[Dick’s] has damaged its reputation by lending its voice and its resources to those who want to abolish the Second Amendment,” Almasi told Stack. “30 percent of American adults own guns, and another 11 percent live with someone who does. You’ve now alienated them.”  MORE

15 Comments on Conservative Shareholder Grills CEO Of Dick’s Sporting Goods For Pushing Anti-Gun Propaganda

  1. Good for the shareholder. The damage to Dick’s is already done and the pomposity of the CEO will only make their demise more delicious.

    Nobody invests in a shrinking Dick’s.

  2. “We will not be changing our position.” – Dick
    This CEO is as confused as Comey.
    It’s not about your feelings, it’s about the customers and taxpayers.

  3. Confronting the CEO at a shareholder meeting gets results, much more effective than a boycott. I know, my department was created because of shareholder protests. Every year now (for over 20 years) we have to prepare material for the CEO so that he is not embarrassed by some disgruntled shareholder at the meeting.

    BTW – The company is truly a Mickey Mouse outfit.

  4. Does everyone recognize the liberal position? As politicians they won”t listen to constituents and as CEO’s they won’t listen to shareholders because it interferes with their agenda.

  5. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that Mr. Stack will be hunting for a job shortly. The object of a business is sales not addressing controversial topics which undoubtedly have consequences. If Mr. Stack is so vehemently against gun ownership why did he accept the position of a company that sells them?
    The only way Dicks can ever recover its lost customers is for the board to fire Stack and any others that maintain his positions as publicly as possible with a drastic advertising campaign to follow.
    Companies should stay in the business of sales and keep their damn mouths shut about their personal opinions.

  6. Dicks is supposedly a for-profit enterprise.
    How can its CEO pursue an agenda, any agenda, that sabotages his organization?

    Dumb Dicks. Their CEO should’ve been out on his ass the day after his stupid stunt.

    Would Omaha Steaks have a vegan CEO?

  7. “violating fiduciary duties by knowingly and purposely giving up money”

    We need to create a federal bureau to protect citizens from that.

  8. Did shop there for ammo and golf supplies but since will not even buy golf balls from them as well as their other outlet I believe is golf galaxy


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