Consulting Firm Lavishly Spends $50 Million Of Our Money

Government watchdogs have reported that a British firm hired to train Afghans in counterinsurgency intelligence spent upwards of $50 million on luxury cars, salaries for top executives and automatic weapons (not allowed under the program).

The firm,   New Century Consulting, apparently never kept proper records of their training operations, so there’s no telling if any of the money was used as intended.


Being British, maybe they trained a bunch of Afghan to be 007s.





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  1. Now that Barky is out of office and Thump is in charge watch for a lot more of this to get daylight , and the Dem’s try to lay this at the feet of him. Its the way they roll. Rino’s too.
    What a crock of crap they have had this info for years but are just now bringing it up.
    When are they going to charge people for fraud and throw them in jail.
    Yea I know the answer.
    I bet it was a slush fund for something or some one

  2. Yea, you guys better look out, cause “Thump” is in town now and he means what he says and he means business. WeThePeople are tired of being messed with.

    Go, President Trump!!!!!

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