Contact Tracers Are Coming For You

Joe6Pak sends in this chilling video. It’s about Contact Tracers. They will be knocking on your door one day, and you will be put in quarantine. You will have no choice.

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  1. I hope they are NOT wearing body armor.

    Somehow we need to put a stop to this. I don’t know how, but we can’t just sit back and let this happen.

  2. I it won’t matter one way of the other…I prefer HEAD SHOTS at that close of range!

  3. “You will have no choice.”

    I just love it when somebody else tells me exactly what I’m going to do.

    This brings about, in today’s idiom, a teachable moment.

  4. “You will have no choice.”

    it’s just like smart meters from the Electrical, Gas & Water Utilities. you can refuse it ……. buuuuuuut, you will be charged for having the utility co. meter reader come out every month & your rates will go up

    … I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want another $100 bucks on my bill every month … solar panels …. yeah, that’s it! 😒🙄

  5. 1000 yard marksman, 12 PTZ security cameras. 5 Trail cams. If I don’t know you, I don’t go to the door. Had a home invasion once and only once.


    I refused the Smart Meter here (they actually installed one without my permission and I forced them to return the old one). There was a surcharge on my bill for quite a while for keeping the old one, and then one day the surcharge vanished, never to be seen again.

    And I still have the old Stupid Meter. You know, the voiceless, snitch-less kind.

  7. These are the most evil times on Earth in over 65 years. Will there be a 21st century greatest generation to defeat this evil? Pray.

  8. And all along you thought the door-to-door Census folks were annoying.

    The expression “Hell On Earth” comes to mind.
    “We’re Hot-Hell 6 and we’ll leave the light on for ya’.”

  9. …figures DeWhine is fully in bed with the Commies. That’s why the GOP-E primaried tge ACTUAL conservative when it became obvious that the Democrat wouldn’t win, because they could trust HIM to do the Left thing…

  10. This is just like every other thing that comes down the pike from the left.

    Which is that people on the right are great about screaming they won’t comply.
    But they do comply.

    If there are contact tracers, if there is a supreme court ruling allowing the confiscation of guns, the right will submit. That’s what the right always does. It submits. The lockdown, the masks, everything esle we’ve just seen is proof.

    The right is scared stiff of the ‘official narrative’. Bunch of pussies.

    The official narrative is that white protesters are dangerous, domestic terrorists and what right have they to protest anyway.
    Then, a week later, the official narrative is that a bunch of n-words looting everything in sight are good people upset with injustice.

    Democrats set the official narrative and, yeah, republicans might bitch about it on the internet, but when it comes to action, the republican party WILL conform to the official narrative.

    The left will set the official narrative as abortion protesters are evil and then when antifa starts beating the shit out of people, cnn will excuse it and say, ‘how far will people go when they think someone is being hurt’ by nazis like trump supporters.

    If republicans were actually not going to take this shit, they would have done it by now, because we’ve had ample reason. But we do just sit back and take it when antifa beats the shit out of people and cnn tells us antifa is on the good side.

    There really is very little hope for this country because the republican party can be cowed into submission at will by the left and their official narratives.

    We just got put under lockdown by being “led by the science” which was just a bullshit model that had nothing to do with science.

    yeah, it’s awesome to claim what tough rebels we are, but the fact is
    we’re a bunch of pussies. No fact checking needed. That is a fact.

  11. SO, what about the people who do NOT own a cell phone or use social media AT ALL….like me?

    I cannot afford the “smart phones” , their “plans” that lock you into years-long contracts with severe penalties if you do not pay or leave on their terms, or the insurance you now need for every single “smart phone”.

    I pay in CASH for everything I need so what are they going to do to me when I refuse to answer the door, take their tests, and tell them where to stick their “poison vaccine” with built in side effects?

    Locked & loaded and just waiting for the call to arms.

  12. Hey yes sir, speak for yourself asshole. You don’t speak for me or anyone here. Fuck off bitch.

  13. If you were paying attention you should have seen this coming. It’s not the Contact Tracers you need to worry about. It’s the people she brings back with her after you refuse to comply. And they will be wearing body armor. And carrying weapons you are not allowed to own. No matter what, don’t take one of those tests. In fact don’t let any family members take that test. I can’t believe Trump is letting this shit continue. I’m really good with a gun. But if it gets to that point you’ve lost the battle.

  14. Makes me awfully glad that I haven’t owned a cell phone my entire life. Sure as shit won’t be convinced to get one now.

  15. This is a small thing, but on an android phone you can disable the automatic downloading of system updates, as well as automatic updating of apps. You’ll get notified of pending downloads but you get to decide if/when to apply them.

    This is a small thing, and useful mainly in knowing when this sort of infuriating despotism is being foisted on you.

    Question for Claire Wolfe: It’s time now, right?

  16. Uncle Al,

    The OS has ALL the latesr Green Checkmarks and flashing animations.



  17. If you have a cellular telephone, unless it’s turned off, I mean battery out, you are tracked. That’s not even cop or spook shit. All your 5ESS conversations were recorded, too.

    Not tinfoil-hat shit… just regular telephone man shit.

  18. This is how we get the equivalent of China’s social credit system.

    Nice plan, idiots.

    Prepare for Revolutionary War II – where you WILL die.

  19. This is a serial killer’s wet dream, if you think about it. About time those psychos became useful.

  20. Refuse to get tested unless you are REALLY sick and need your doctor to give you the hydroxychloroquine/zinc treatment, in which case do not give information about who you live with or have been in contact with, and pay cash. Refuse to talk to contact tracers without a warrant. Refuse to talk to social services without a warrant. Don’t allow this horrifying nonsense. Don’t download any tracing app. Don’t carry your smart phone into premises anywhere — leave it in your car, if not at home. Don’t let any visitors into your premises if they are carrying a cell phone. Start doing this now, in case this insane shit actually makes it into law.

  21. Contact Tracers are just the new TSA. C’mon, it’s for our own good. /s

    Wonder if they can run faster than 1500 fps?


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