“Containergeddon” Have Major Retailers Leasing Their Own Container Ships – IOTW Report

“Containergeddon” Have Major Retailers Leasing Their Own Container Ships


More than 60 container ships carrying clothing, furniture and electronics worth billions of dollars are stuck outside Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals, waiting to unload, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California.

Pre-pandemic, it was unusual for more than one ship to be in the waiting lane at the No. 1 U.S. port complex, which handles more than half of all American imports.

Other big retail players [including Walmart], such as Target (TGT.N), Home Depot (HD.N), Costco (COST.O) and Dollar Tree (DLTR.O), have said they are chartering ships to deal with the pandemic-driven slowdown of sea networks that handle 90% of the world’s trade. More

13 Comments on “Containergeddon” Have Major Retailers Leasing Their Own Container Ships

  1. Anything that blocks shitty merch from Chynah (and screws their economy) is good.

    Soon we’ll be hearing “Rets go Blandon!” across the Pacific.

  2. Dang! Just think if we manufactured our own worthless crap, not only would supply increase but unemployment might decrease… just thinking out loud.

  3. What good does it do to have your own ship if no one is going to unload it? BTW there has been a trucker shortage for 30 years now because it is mostly a crappy job.

  4. Yet another cost that will be tacked onto merchandise, once it’s available.
    Great job “Brandon”, ya f-ing imbecile.

  5. “Major Retailers”.

    Because they can.

    And the little guys can’t.

    Just another way to strangle small business so there’s nowhere to go but to big businesses and their Facist “public/private partnerships”, and I’m guessing they will all agree to whatever controls their “public” partners demand from there.

  6. After Trump fouled up their plans, China said: We gonna fuck yoo up Yankee Pig Dog! We gonna fuck yoo up baad! We gonna put biggest assho we find in White House to destroy America!
    Aaaannnd so they found him…
    A fucked up daughter
    A fucked up son
    A fucked up family
    A fucked up oil pipeline
    A fucked up energy system
    A fucked up military
    A fucked up Border
    Fucked up Police
    Fucked up Afghanistan
    Fucked up agreements
    Fucked up ports
    Is there anything this colossal asshole can’t fuck up? Once again he demostrates that he doesn’t have the brains to get a headache, yet he is somehow the “leader” of the Free World!
    More like the leader of the Free Shit World!!

  7. 1,000 ways to throw a wrench in the works.
    Whoever voted for this asshoe deserves the blame along with the crooks that stole it.
    Don’t forget to remind them. And any pain in misery that’s been created is on them.

  8. Businesses have been doing all that Just In Time and Lean Six Sigma models for a while. Inventory is Evil!!! Except when you want to build something, or fix something, or sell something. You are at the mercy of the weakest link in the supply chain. When you outsource everything you lose control of your destiny.

  9. One of my clients manufactures those extreme duty rotomolded coolers. Mfgrs them in a non-Chink Asian country. Earlier this year he was bitching to me how his containers were being held up at Left Coast ports. I told him to fire his shipping agent and hire an agent that would get his shit onto box ships that transit the new, widened & deepened Panama Canal and unload in NOLA or east coast ports such as Jax or Charleston.

    Six months later he’s happy as a clam and it only cost him 2% more gross.


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