CONTEST: Bernie Sanders Secret Service Code Name

Bitterclinger recommended this contest, and I think it’s a good one. Let’s get back to bashing the left fer Che’s sake.

The Secret Service has revealed that Sanders’ code name is Intrepid – which is obviously a code in itself for decrepit.

Bitterclinger will be the judge (she’s finding out right now.) Contest will run until midnight tonight. We’ll find out the winner tomorrow.

(Unfortunately we only have a Trump truck magnet to give away. People, when given the choice, chose the Cruz magnets in the other contests. So, I hope the winner likes Trump.)

Good luck.



310 Comments on CONTEST: Bernie Sanders Secret Service Code Name

  1. USS Constitution-a play on constipation for all future initiatives, the document that he won’t uphold, and the speed at which the poor secret service will be able to move him around.

  2. Altekokker (Yiddish, literally “old shitter,” best translation into English would be “old fart.”)



    And a special Secret Service name for the missus (since POTUS and FLOTUS usually have code names beginning with the same letter of the alphabet): Insipid.

  3. William Stoughton

    He was Lt Governor and Chief Magistrate, presided over the Salem trials in 1692.


    (I do love Antique Road Show but that would be a sure giveaway.)

  4. Hey! I had to work and missed all the fun.
    Anonymous said “Trotsky”. I was gonna use that one.
    If that wins and you nobody takes the prize, can I have it?

  5. I know I’m past the deadline with…………………………..
    The Crypt Keeper
    or my favorite…………..

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