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Contest!!! CLINTONIZE A Movie

Karl Ushanka is itching to give away a big fur hat. (lower case.)


So he’s going to judge a contest – Clintonize a Movie.

Of course, if you wish to bypass the contest process, you can buy a big fur hat here. (Lower case, because Big Fur Hat (upper case) can’t be bought… I think.)

I own one of these hats. hatpic They’re great for the gulag.

Okay, Clintonize a movie —



Color of Haitian Money

Paramedical Activity

UnAmerican Sniper

School of Crock

Her Majesty’s Secret Server


Contest ends at 12pm et 10/16

Ushanka is the judge.

357 Comments on Contest!!! CLINTONIZE A Movie

  1. Who Framed Donald Trump?
    Voyage to bottom of the Emails
    Lie Hard
    and it’s sequel A Good day To Lie Hard
    Here a couple that are already clintonized without even changing them.
    “Murder by Decree”
    “Public Enemy”

    ..and the other sequel “Live Free and Lie Hard”

  2. Bleachbit and the FBI Dwarfs

    Willy Does Dallas

    The Clintonian Candidate

    The Abominable Doctor Clinton

    Forbidden Server

  3. Into The Depends

    Easy Liar

    Herbigass Park

    The Clinton Horror Picture Show

    Trumpra Versus Hagzilla

    Little Shop of Wiki Horrors

    The Blob (biography of Chelsea)

    Eat Prey Lust

  4. @Lazlo:

    The Gold of the Puta Madre

    Lazlo, I’ve really enjoyed a lot of these entries, but this one of your is the first to make me laugh out loud! Delicious!

  5. Swindlers List
    Dr. No Love or: How I Learned to Stop Telling the Truth and Lie My Ass Off To Congress
    Leave It To The Beaver Muncher
    Like Clockwork Orange Ya Glad I’m Running For President Again

  6. -Invasion of the Money Grabbers
    -Mad Hillary
    -She Creature
    -Yankee His Doodle Bill
    -Attack Of The 50 Crime Woman
    -Bill’s Maids
    -Dances With Grifters
    -Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, Be Afraid Of Hillary
    -She Is Legend
    -Fellowship Of Crime
    -Minority FBI Report
    -Monster’s Inc
    -The Thing With Two Heads
    -Unconditional Grift
    -Clinton’s Actually

  7. Eternal Sunshine of The Parkinson’s Mind

    Killer Klintons from Outer Space

    They Saved Hillary’s Brain

    Gone With The Bleachbit

    Wee Wee’s Big Adventure

  8. 1. To Libya with Love.
    2. Illegal Aliens.
    3. Kill-er Bill.
    4. Hillary Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
    5. Hillary Potter Escapes from Alcatraz.

  9. 1. Night of the Living Dead Voters.
    2. Bullshitt.
    3. Huma Breckenridge.
    4. The Woman Who Shot Liberty Vince.
    5. Hillary Clinton’s Day(s) Off…Campaigning.
    6. Full Metal Straight-Jacket.
    7. Who Framed Donald Trump.

  10. So, I looked at a list of classic movies for inspiration and here were these three in a row, no improvement possible:
    A Taxing Woman
    A Taxing Woman Returns
    Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here

  11. “When you think about it, Mr. Kane, the competence of totalitarian nations is much higher than ours. They get things done.”

    Saboteur (1942), Alfred Hitchcock

  12. Total Don’t Recall
    Sex, Lies & Erased Tape
    Liar, Liar (no edit necessary)
    Shake Hands With The Devil (no edit necessary)

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