Okay, you’re all on the honor system.

This video is Hillary Clinton laughing for 10 hours (ht/ Snowball the Sourpuss).

Whoever records the longest sustained viewing, without looking away, will win the contents of the lint trap in my dryer.Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.13.42 PM

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  1. Mr. Vice; is it cheating to use safety pins to artificially hold one’s eyes open, similar to Malcolm McDowell’s scene in “A Clockwork Orange”??

  2. Nope. No can do. Not even for one second.

    I cannot tolerate this witch’s cackle and I have enough of my own dryer lint.

    Now, if you had offered IOTW bucks, I might have started the video.

  3. Lost track .. Have no idea of the time it took to look away but it kept playing. I think I just got hypnotized.
    This is why you can’t trust people who laugh and smile all the time.

  4. Oh noes! Can’t look or listen. I flunk the contest.

    @Mr. Mxyzptlk , do you think BFH is trying to send us over the edge with this?

  5. Woo hoo! One contest we are all happy to lose.

    Hey do you think I could get BFH to paint a jackass’ portrait with Hillary’s face on it?

  6. “will win the contents of the lint trap in my dryer”

    Me playing depends on the answer to this question: Do you have a consistent habit of leaving folding money in your pockets when you toss your laundry in the wash?

  7. The human being who can listen to ten hours of the Cackle Queen hasn’t yet been born, (Catatonics don’t count!)

  8. I watched the whole video and kept waiting to see hillary laughing, what gives?

    all I saw was a jackass braying for the whole 10 hours.

    looked old from the condition of the teeth too.

  9. I know Fur’s dryer lint is the most elite of leet lint, but George Soros doesn’t have enough money to persuade me to run that video. Not. Gonna. Do. It.

    Make George Soros watch that video until he capitulates.

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