Converse- The Official Sneaker of Oppressed Women Who Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore!

Converse jumps into the SJW arena with a video that is the animated equivalent of Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman.”

Question: How long are we going to hear about women “roaring” before they can quit reminding us about how they are roaring?

And what’s with the Chinese animation? It’s bad enough the sneakers are made in Chinese sweatshops, did the video have to be? Franklin, on that Benjamin, looks like Mao.

The comments are lethal bombshells upon the heads of the people who created this hot pant load.

Stop making it seem like we women are helpless victims!!!
Oh, and I wonder if Converse is also concerned about the ladies in Chinese sweat shops, making their shoes…living in a shoe…for pathetic wages?
I clicked thinking it be something cute. Instead it’s offensively bad.
Women are so strong that they need multi-billion dollar companies to remind them that they’re strong.
Be bold. Get married. Have kids. Fight for Western Civilization.
You can tell it’s a fairy tale because it’s about a woke millennial quitting her job and still having the money to travel the world lmfao
What GARBAGE! Thank you New Balance for manufacturing your product in the US so I won’t have to buy this brand!
What is with all these companies shilling for toxic, third wave feminazism?
There was a shoe, that I once wore. They made an ad for a political score. Theres now a shoe I’ll wear no more!
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19 Comments on Converse- The Official Sneaker of Oppressed Women Who Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore!

  1. 50 effing years of sycophantic propaganda. My older daughters are single, uneducated socialists that think the world is against them. They are miserable. Women fell for the feminist lie of liberation when all along it was about submitting to the academic / political ruling class.

  2. Pretty soon I’ll be running around shoeless and naked in protest of all this social justice crap. If so everybody suffers.😉

  3. They will not stop because they are forever reminded that they hate men.

    The whole topic is so 70’s. Which is perfect to reintroduce to the newly-minted, peace-love-dope, hippy-wannabe, you’re so mean!, Millennial crowd raised on soy milk.

    It will resurface for every new generation.

  4. @MJA March 22, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    > Resting Bitch Shoe.

    She’s not resting! It’s tai chi. You just can’t see her chi flowing under all the cellulite. And tats. And hair. And cheeto dust. Maybe that’s erotic glitter.

  5. The fuck?
    Lazlo has been wearing Chuck Taylor’s since the Bronze age.
    Look bitches, you cannot make those shoes dyke icons. Lazlo forbids it.
    Go buy Viet Nam era jungle boots like any decent self respecting lesbian, or buy a giant diving watch like the artsy ones

  6. I grew up wearing cheap tennis shoes that may as well have been roller skates on the gym floor. Once I got old enough to get a paper route and cut lawns the first thing I saved for were a pair of Converse hi tops. $12 in the early 70’s. Damn near broke my ankles first time I planted my feet to stop in gym class.

  7. @Lazlo The Elder March 22, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    > buy a giant diving watch like the artsy ones

    Maybe that’s what you shriveled, old, excuses for patriarchy call them. Modern wymyn know them as depth meters.

  8. Stop the presses!

    What about the barren single lonely women who suffered toxic masculinity from every man they ever dated and now have only cats for company?

    They don’t live in shoes, they live in a constant state of anger and agony.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  9. Reminds me of when I was in the 6th grade, about 55 years ago. Yo-Yo’s were the rage, and I acquired a clear Duncan Imperial with the hope of elevating my status from nerd to “Cool”. I learned two things, the pecking order of the school yard won’t allow that to happen unless you want to be aggressive with some violent tendencies, and someone is always scheming to take something you have that they want. So I learned how to watch my back, how to deal with certain individuals of an unsavory nature, and the Yo-Yo was there for me to control, that it had no control over what happens to me. It was a growing experience for sure.
    People need to be less materialistic and realize that dressing in some sort of “Nonconformist” uniform will not change the world, it is only used as a tool for the political activist to further agendas to control people and also as a tool for the world of business to make profit off of ignorance.

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