Conyers’ Attny: Conyers ‘Sure as Hell’ Won’t Be Pressured By Pelosi to Resign


“I would like to also address the Nancy Pelosi’s statement, which I’m sure all of you all are aware of at this juncture, calling on the congressman to resign. First of all, it is not up to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi did not elect the congressman and she sure as hell won’t be the one to tell the congressman to leave. That decision will be completely up to the congressman.”  more

Balls in your court, Nan.

12 Comments on Conyers’ Attny: Conyers ‘Sure as Hell’ Won’t Be Pressured By Pelosi to Resign

  1. Weiner resigned for a lesser offense, so shall Conyers resign. He’ll be pressured into it. 88 years old, dysfunctional, he’ll resign.

  2. “He’s thinking about his health, he’s thinking about getting well”

    Yea he’s retiring do to medical reasons. Rush called it today, and he was right.

  3. Atta boy, nagger, you tell those white motherfuckers dat you in charge now. An you ani’t takin’ no shit no more.

  4. What a Spox. And I thought Chubby Checkers was dead.

    This guy looks like an Amos N Andy version of the Joker’s henchmen. Purple shirt, purple bow tie. Does his nose go HONK? Big shoes?

    And the denial is just “famous last words”. Weiner was saying the same ON HIS WAY TO HIS PRESSER TO RESIGN. They lie and deny even when there is no longer a reason.

    With Conyers gravy train ending this spox can see if Farrakhan has any openings for apprentice gopher PLO 4th Class.
    He’ll have to lose weight and stop selling single cig’s outside the Congressional Aides’ men’s room.

  5. Senator Lethalbriefs can redeem himself really quite easily with the American public.
    He can leak the names of his perverted colleagues on the Hush Fund List.

    Mr. Conyers…..loose the hounds!!

  6. It’s Conyers, “Elizabeth, I’m coming to join ya, honey” moment. .
    How cowardly and pathetic, playing the racist, sick old fart card. If he keeps this up his bluff might turn into reality. Not actually a bad thing.


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