Conyers’ Hometown Paper Urges Him To Step Down



An editorial in Democrat Rep. John Conyers’ hometown paper urged the congressman to step down from his position in light of accusations that he used taxpayer money to pay off a sexual harassment accuser.

The Detroit-Free Press editorial argued that while Conyers is a “hero of the civil rights,” he needs to resign due to reports of his alleged firing of a woman who rebuffed his sexual advances.

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14 Comments on Conyers’ Hometown Paper Urges Him To Step Down

  1. Honestly, file charges that are in accordance with the rule of law set forth by our Constitution, find them guilty by the evidence, and either incarcerate them for a 20 year minimum, hang them by AK-47 bullet in the public square as seditious traitors who ultimately abused the highest honor any American would ever hold; being elected to public service.

    …..and start doing it with conviction.

  2. Examples:

    1. Anyone who is caught trying to infringe on the 2nd Amendment in any way is IMMEDIATELY REMOVED from office, and barred from holding such office or running again for LIFE.

    2. Same for the 1st Amendment.

    3. Same for anyone associated with the design and implementation of ObamaCare.

  3. Dianny, it’s not the age, it’s the character….or lack-of. And it’s also the unabashed arrogance.

    These people have no honor or morals. None.

    Jesus used a whip to make his point. I’m okay with that.

  4. Tsunami,
    Why can’t it be both?

    Don’t you think that part of the reason these assholes have such a sense of entitlement is because they are no longer temporary politicians but an entrenched aristocracy that never freaking leave?

    The decrepit codger has been in office for fifty years. I really do not think that is what our Founders intended.

  5. The hush money is probably small stuff compared to other corruption he has been involved with while in office.

    I wonder what this A-hole thinks when he goes back to his district. The 50 years he has been in office hasn’t been kind to it. With urban flight, it must be an ever expanding land of blight. He probably doesn’t care. He got his.

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