Cook County Threatens 1,100 Layoffs After Soda Tax Delayed


Officials in Cook County, the home of Chicago, have threatened to pass out 1,100 layoff notices since a judge delayed implementation of a soda tax.

Circuit Judge Daniel Kubasiak placed a temporary hold on the tax until at least July 21. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said this move has forced her hand to fire people.

Maybe Preckwinkle and the county should stop spending? Oh wait. This is Illinois. That’s impossible. Instead, Preckwinkle has decided to target those the public needs the most. From ABC 7:

“So if we don’t have revenue, we end up laying off doctors, nurse, prosecutors and public defenders and jail guards,” Preckwinkle said.

The sheriff’s department was told to make drastic cuts.

“We need you to cut 1,000, basically 1,000 positions from your office of 6,000. And so I don’t know any sane person who would suggest you can really function real well when you lose that many people from your office,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said.

That means courthouses will likely close earlier, and policing efforts to help Chicago and suburban communities combat violence will have to be curbed at a time when they need it the most.



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  1. went right to emergency services that would be cut, not the tax collectors or mayor’s entourage. up yours Preckwinkle.

  2. It’s the same strategy obama used during his federal government shutdown. Hurt the people first.
    Make them suffer. Make them beg for more government.

    Rat bastard democrats.

  3. @redgrandma.

    I agree that reduction in force is good, but how it is executed always is designed to hurt the people.
    You mean to tell me that there aren’t any cuts that can be done to the legion of mid level or even upper level management? Bravo Sierra.

    This is a spiteful and sinister move.

  4. Cut the government employee pensions in half or by 2/3 so they are in line with the rest of those of us who work.
    Next, fire everyone who didn’t vote for Trump. Democrats have no problem doing it.

  5. Lay the hundreds of Cook County Jail guards that always call in sick on holidays and NBA playoffs. The Sheriff Tom Dart will verify the times the County jail was put on lockdown so those “guards” can watch the Super Bowl at home .

  6. And these people don’t believe in borders. If you cross a street, you don’t have to pay more. Just pay the soda tax and shut up. If you live there, leave. Run, walk, crawl, just get away from there. They don’t care about you- all they want is your money.

    From the oomments at the linked article:
    “So the plan to collect $200M from 5.2M residents ($38.46 each), which works out to an average of 320 12oz sodas each? There’s you obesity epidemic.”

  7. Fire all support staff for the Cook County Commissariat Board of Commissioners, including drivers, and take away their taxpayer supplied cars. Turn govt admin building reserved parking lots into paid public parking. Then gleefully watch what happens.

  8. Illinois & Chicago has fallen off the fiscal cliff, property taxes are sky high, income taxes have risen again, sales taxes have increased, people are leaving Illinois the bus load and the city of Chicago keeps piling more on the taxpayers.
    Run, walk or crawl from Illinois while you can. I got out while I could still walk.

  9. Illinois is not on the bucket list. Maybe Wrigley field for a baseball game. After that forget about it. No interest whatsoever. Y’all just keep self destructing. It’s your punishment for foisting your creepy politicians upon the nation.
    Barack insane Hussein obama
    Dickless Durbin,
    Rahm emanuel
    Jan schakowski

    I’m leaving some other scumbags out because I can’t remember who they are.

  10. I call BS. Nobody’s getting laid off or fired, except in some phony baloney drama

    Everyone of those cook county employees got their job with clout — They did a favor, were owed a favor, a relative was owed a favor or they helped get out the vote. something. Nobody’s on the payroll who isn’t connected to the democrats, the mob or the unions. period

    As Abner Mikva said: “we don’t want nobody, dat nobody sent”

  11. Get rid of the pensions for the public employees, replacing the defined pension plan with a 401k plan like in the private sector. Problem solved.

  12. So, as we all knew, it had nothing to do with sugar and obesity, and instead had to do with revenue. Typical, can’t manage the money they have, so they want more by precarious means.

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