Coopting Anne Frank to peddle Leftist Propaganda

Patriot Retort:

I really hate Leftists.

Too harsh?

Don’t care.

The Anne Frank Center has about as much to do with Anne Frank as Walmart has to do with selling walls.

But they’ve coopted her – twisting her memory into a one-size-fits-all propaganda tool.

And I’ll say it: Just like the Nazis did.


Because that criminal Michael Brown is just like Anne Frank!!


14 Comments on Coopting Anne Frank to peddle Leftist Propaganda

  1. I hate leftists too. And this AFC organization isn’t Jewish, doesn’t educate about the holocaust and has made Anne Frank an unwilling Social Justice Warrior that also stands up against Islamophobia in addition to supporting BLM. They should be classified as a militant left wing hate group.

  2. This is a disgusting comparison. It’s like comparing president Oblowme to some to some weak kneed, whiney, thin skinned, skinny, commie, race baiting faggot. Oh wait……….maybe I,m wrong.

  3. I am so glad you posted this, MJA, this has bothered me for awhile and I didn’t understand where they were coming from. It is disgusting what they are doing especially co-opting Anne Frank’s name.

  4. Of course, I see it now. Anne Frank hanging around in liquor stores, stealing cheap cigars, and attacking Nazis while stoned. Just like Mike Brown.

  5. That sounds like “Anne Frank Center” is calling for a Nazi Final Solution to blacks in America! Somebodies (lots and lots of somebodies) needs to get the Twitter Goodthink Police all over this!

  6. The Left destroys everything it touches.

    And yes, the hardworking middle class Frank family (the Annex was the attic of their office building, and they were betrayed by a female employee for the reward money) would be appalled.
    To be murdered by the Nazis, then have your good name stolen and perverted by the Comintern Internationale.

    Patton in 1945 said we ought to go ahead and finish off the USSR then, when we had the Army there to do it, rather than dig in for a decades-long Cold War which everybody except Truman could see was ahead.
    We should have listened.

  7. This is why I hate it when organizations use the name of a famous person. You lose what their life on Earth was about. The second someone lies or cheats on their behalf, it taints everything that person was. So gross.

  8. Heroic transgendertroops

    There was a time, not so long ago, (@4:30 AM Eastern Standard Time) when merely saying the words “heroic transgendertroops” would have gotten you fitted with a nice coat with 60″ sleeves.

    That’s why I’ve given trying to satirize Marx-shitheads. How can you top “heroic transgendertroops”?

  9. Yeah, I remember the story about Anne Frank robbing bodegas of cigars and attacking cops after beating the shit out of people half her size …

    Oh, wait … that was St. Michael Brown … don’t know how I confused the two.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. The head of The Anne Frank Center, Goldstein, is a poser. He’s a minimally talented
    “adult” using the name of Anne Frank as a meal ticket.

    He runs a small, back room “organization” of a handful of equally talentless
    people clawing for relevance on a national stage….and invitations to the best
    political cocktail parties and free dinners.

    My kids would call him a “loser”. I prefer “bloated political tick” myself.

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