Cop can easily be in NFL

The NFL should sign this cop

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  1. Nah. Screw the NFL. It has hopefully signed its own death warrant with woke. Decent people should have nothing to do with it.

  2. Impressive, especially wearing body armor and duty belt. If they had turned a police dog loose on the perp that cop would have beat him too.

  3. Perfect Takedown!

    Can’t wait for the police brutality complaint though.

  4. Poor little Dindu Nuffin was watching the first cop get closer, but he never saw that coming.

  5. Guarantee he’s an ex-footballer. Maybe collegiate. The tackle proves it.
    Some people are fast. I learned early. I’m not.

    Jimmy Johnson coach of the Cowboys.
    “I can teach you to play football, I can’t teach you to be fast”

  6. Taken down with EXTREME PREDJUDICE!

    BLM asks:
    “Why didn’t he just shoot the fel-uh, perp-uh, innocent man fleeing the evil racist police?”


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