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Cop puts out fire – left says it violated free speech

Let’s have some greatest hits, shall we?

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  1. Will there be a lawsuit? Probably not. This is a “Blue Lives Matter” flag. The police officer probably put it out because it was a danger to property and others standing around. There doesn’t appear to have been any arrests made, nor is there any legislation giving any special protection to a Blue Lives Matter flag.

    The Supreme Court has already determined that one cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Logically, you shouldn’t be able to actually set something on fire in a crowd either – although this may be crediting some liberal judges with too much logic.

  2. These punks yelling at police….isn’t that disrespecting a police officer? That used to be a crime, I think.

  3. In the good old days this cop would’ve busted this assholes head for burning the American flag. As a veteran nothing pisses me off more than deliberately burning the American flag. I don’t care if it’s supposedly free speech, you burn an American flag you get the shit beaten out of you. And fuck Antifa and BLM both. Sic Rick Monday and Tommy Lasorda on them, they’d know what to do.

  4. People gave their lives for American, these American deserters don’t deserve American respect or laws.

  5. Acts are not speech. If acts are speech anything goes. If there is no limiting principle of speech to speech and it means actions too with no limiting principle other than what you do then no one’s life is worth plugged nickel.

  6. Fire hazard. If it was OSHA, and not the police, they’d have been sued and jailed for a week and fined $2000 each.

  7. Arson is not ‘protected speech’
    Cuff and stuff the little cretin in the back of the squad car.

  8. Too bad the police officer picked up the “wrong” extinguisher to put out the flag fire.
    Just think of the fun and merriment if Mr Police Man had picked up a sprayer of gasoline instead. Can you say, “oops!”?


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