Cop shoots driver – Justified? You be the judge

These incidents pretty much all seem avoidable. Blacks seem to want to run, even from a ticket.

This infraction was “Driving While Dangling Your Handicap Sticker.”


video here

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  1. Cop did what he was trained to do. Don’t think it’s right to shoot somebody who’s running away from you, though.

    Cop started off very polite. The training kicked in when the guy tried to flee. Hitting that vehicle seems to have really pissed the cop off.

    I hate control freaks.

    How’s that?

  2. He used his vehicle as a weapon first. In Denver a Hispanic (prop illegal) 17 year old girl in a stolen car with her friends were spotted early in the am in an ally. When the police tried to pull them over she tried to run them over in the street. She ended up shot dead. The Denver PD has since mandated that cops can’t shoot people here just because they have a 2 ton vehicle coming at them. One of the cops had his leg broken. I think both situations were justified.

  3. I kinda like the idea of having cops so that I don’t have to take turns patrolling my neighborhood at night, but I’ve voted against every law enforcement levy request for the past 30 years because, though I don’t often see them walking my neighborhood, they seem to be ready for me whenever I’m not wearing a seat belt or driving a shade too fast.

  4. DWS (Driving While Stupid) can get you shot whether you are Black, White, or Pregnancy Test Blue. At least where I live, anyway.

  5. I’ll tell you one thing right now. No bullshit. The cop stopped the guy because he had a handicapped sticker on display while driving.
    Go fuck yourself Officer. That’s all I got to say.

  6. I don’t care if the guy was a marathon runner, being stopped for having a handicapped sticker while driving, is bullshit. Parked?
    Different story. Cop’s an asshole. Case closed with me.

  7. MoTom: I have a handicapped placard and it clearly states you are to not have it hanging while you are driving, only when you are parked. The cop was doing his job.

  8. I imagine my poor wife driving down Franklin Turnpike to Shoprite with her H/C card on display. because of her age cannot keep taking the H/C card on and off every time she drives and parks, and gets pulled over for “driving with a H/C card on display.” GIMMEAFUCKENBRAKE!

  9. Hmm. I have to agree with others above, that was a pussy stop. Yes, it’s law, can’t have things hanging from the mirror, but cripes, there are more important things for police to watch for other than generating random fines.

    Other than that, the driver was a real dick. I’m sure he’ll chant “I was scared” and “Hands up don’t shoot.” The driver fucked up BIG time.

    To me. it looks like the shooting was accidental, which bodes badly on the cop. Entrusted with a firearm, he needs to control said firearm at all times.

  10. I don’t think the whole story is out there yet.
    I recall similar story in the past where a guy was pulled over for a “simple violation” that lead to something like this. Later on it was revealed that the guy had a long list of priors and the cop suspected him of criminal activity. He used the simple violation for the excuse to pull him over.
    Easy solution – don’t do illegal things and don’t run away from a cop over a simple violation.

  11. like I said, you act like a criminal, I. e. resisting, fleeing, you pay the consequences

    … black lives splatter

  12. CherDash I’m aware of it but it’s an absurd law. People have H/C license plates, should they remove them while driving? Don’t you realize how stupid these fucking laws are?

  13. Tom I too have a handicapped placard and it does in fact state not to drive with it hanging from your mirror! What’s more I live in a town that has more that it’s share of old fucks that shouldn’t be driving in the first place that drive around with their placard hanging right in their field of vision. It’s one of our major causes of traffic accidents here. Our Post Office parking lot is considered one of the most dangerous places in our city for vehicle/pedestrian accidents because of those placards.

    And another thing, that asshole sure looked pretty agile for someone that’s handicapped! I’d have shot his ass too!

  14. I grant you the driver was an asshole, but the initial stop was bullshit, unless there is something else involved. If the stop was only for the displayed H/C card on the rear view mirror, it was a bullshit stop, by an asshole cop. End of story.

  15. “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

    I wish everyone could be a cop for a day or two. Pulling someone over is really dangerous.

    Every time one of these slimy pieces of shit break the law, they think they should be allowed to get away with it.
    He fought the law, and the law won.
    Good job officer.
    We are behind you 100 percent.

  17. My guess is that it was a “probable cause” stop and the placard was just the best excuse he could come up with at the time.

  18. If you have guys with guns stopping people for absurdly trivial matters, and this sure was one of those, then from time to time the guy with the gun is going to shoot someone who objects to chickenshit enforcers.

    The problem, though, isn’t the cop – at least he’s only one part of the problem. The whole shitty thing involves voters who seem to think that lethally equipped enforcers are needed for every damned violation of every damned stupid chickenshit law, legislators who are so obsessed with getting elected they pander to those voters, executives similarly fucked up as the legislators, judges who do not rise up in rebellion when tasked with holding trials for chickenshit violations of trivial feel-good helps-nobody laws, and then, after that long list of crap, yes, you get to the cop at the proverbial pointy end of the stick. It’s also the shitty end of the stick.

    Each and every one of those chain links is showing true contempt for the rule of law. All of them fail to understand that laws must be seen to be fairly written and fairly applied. All of them fail to see that using gun-carrying enforcers to make people obey each and every stupid-ass ordinance and statute passed so somebody in office can say he did something even though it did far more harm than good IS A BIG FUCKING MISTAKE and shows their CONTEMPT FOR THE RULE OF LAW which should exist solely to criminalize one person violating the rights of another person.

    Back to this nasty little vignette of New Jersey street life, the crux of the matter is that THE COP SHOULD NOT HAVE DIVED INTO THE CAB, HE SHOULD HAVE PULLED BACK. Everything went downhill fast after he screwed that pooch. Everybody involved was an asshole, and everybody involved made stupid and potentially fatal mistakes. AND FOR WHAT??!!

  19. While I agree it may be a ridiculous law/stop, take it up with the city council or county commission and repeal, otherwise onerous laws place LE in no-win situation.
    The Eric Garner case as an example didn’t have to happen. Democrats drool over any law they can enact to generate tax revenue. Problem was local businesses repeatedly complained about Garner selling loosies outside their establishments. LE had no choice but to enforce the law. This places them in an untenable position.
    Criminal elements oftentimes are known to LE or they have that cop spidey sense something more than meets the eye and will pull over for small legal infraction and when running license, sure enough, outstanding warrant etc.
    I simply don’t believe innocent people elude or fight cops.
    Coupled with the fact thugs have not only been allowed to challenge LE but encouraged for 8 years, bad things are bound to happen.

  20. I’ve made lots of stops “just because” a tail light/head light was out, expired tags, etc…… just like this stop. most of the time it is just a written warning (we are required to write them as opposed to verbal) to get it fixed. But, that same probable cause for those stops have allowed me to find illegal drugs, stolen guns, wanted felons, and even hopefully save a life once when a driver “just swerved a little ” due to diabetic complications. It’s referred to as proactive policing as opposed to reactive and it works. So yes, say F me on here if you want to….. maybe it bothers me a little when you do, especially when I have to deal with some of the things you either don’t don’t realize exists… or pretend doesn’t exist. Strange how those who won’t do this job know how to do it better than those who will do it. I certainly don’t do it for “control issues” ….I do it because instead of whining and bitching about all of the bad things going on around me… I thought I would help do something about it.

  21. Back in the 60’s I had a lever action 30-30 on a gun rack in my pick up. No one every said a word. Cause every pick up had the same thing.
    It really is a different world.

  22. I say get rid of the cripple placards all together. If the cripple can’t manage it, then he should hire a driver to drop his ass off at the door since the first parking spot is too far away. Or better yet, hire someone that’s not cripple to do the shopping, or get an Amazon Prime account. Most cripples stop in the doorway or plug the aisles at a snail’s pace and stop the progress of capable people who have things to do. Not to mention they can’t drive for shit. And most recently are getting people shot.

  23. @Moe Tom – it is only bullshit until you run someone over because you did not see them behind the handicap placard obstructing your view

  24. WTF, I’ll step into the line of fire here and I won’t even call anyone names.

    Driving is a privilege, not a right.

    Probable Cause for the stop? Absolutely. If it’s a placard hanging from the rear view mirror, it’s a vision obstruction. Some of these placards are 4-6 inches x 6-8 inches. Some states have a general law about ‘anything’ obstructing the driver’s view through the windshield. That includes cracks in the glass, windshield mounted GPS’s/smartphones in the middle of the windshield, stuffed toys on the dash, live dogs/cats on the dash, other crap hanging from the rear view, you name it. Apparently, this is a specific law wherever this occurred and most likely due to the driver’s vision obstruction.

    I have more than a few friends that were killed by drivers that were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Out of some “chicken shit stops” by officers, they have got DUI’s off of the road, felony warrants, felony restraining order violations/parole violations/pedophile arrests, and so on… Some of the stops were just to let the driver know that they had a brake light out or such or even a simple speed violation. Crap, I don’t walk around my personal vehicle every time I drive it and check all the lighting equipment. Anyone may need to know that their brake light(s) isn’t/aren’t working, get’em fixed and have a nice day. But then, some good citizen sues because they later run into the car, finds out an officer had stopped them without giving them a citation and had merely ‘advised’ them instead.

    Long way around the barn to get to some things to consider:
    We don’t know at this point if the officer saw the firearm that the driver apparently had as he was making contact.

    Having said the above… driver attempts to flee and officer enters the driver’s window. Might be an issue there and officer safety as well. Driver crashes. Did officer grab the wheel? Don’t know.

    Have gun out after what had transpired? Absolutely. Have finger on trigger while foot pursuing? ‘Might’ be a problem there. But again, we can’t see what he saw and/or knew while he was contacting/chasing the suspect prior to re-holstering. Very well may be an unintentional discharge.

    Bottom line: I wish some asshole cop made a chicken shit stop on them and my friends were still alive.

  25. From the questions the cop was asking the driver, he probably got a criminal return when he ran the plates before deciding to pull him over.

    And why aren’t they pulling over these wannabe Indians with the big fucking dream catchers hanging from the rear view mirrors?

  26. Eternal Cracker. Don’t be a dick. Aside from all the phony’s who have H/C cards, think of the legit disabled vets who have them
    And the disabled vets who can’t afford a car. Some welcome home for these poor bastards who spent the best years of their lives supporting draft dodging cops. Many of whom I know. Look I’m a cop fan big time, but we have some real winners.,

  27. Can’t believe some of the shit I’m reading here.

    “If you have guys with guns stopping people for absurdly trivial matters, and this sure was one of those, then from time to time the guy with the gun is going to shoot someone who objects to chickenshit enforcers.”

    So the proper way to handle what you consider a trivial stop is fire up your truck and make a run for it? The cop lacks training. Lot’s of mistakes. But in highly stressed situations people make mistakes.

    When I was a young whipper snapper I had a CHP that was basically stocking my ass. Wrote me up for exhibition of speed and speed contest one night while I was parked in my parents driveway. We (my dad and I) filed a complaint. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one complaining. The citations were cleared in court and I never saw the guy again. I assume he got fired. I guess I should have fire up my 11 second Mopar and made a run for it.

  28. I used to know several draft dodger cops when I was a lot younger and we actually had, you know, a draft. Which we haven’t had in decades.

    I have nothing against ex-military, quite the contrary (I am one). But I’m sorry to see a lot of ex-military in the enforcement business. Different attitudes required for a good soldier and a good peace officer. Very different.

  29. Brad:

    So the proper way to handle what you consider a trivial stop is fire up your truck and make a run for it?

    Absolutely not. The truck guy was rude, stupid, and dangerous. But an armed enforcer should not be concerned with such chickenshit violations, and the chickenshit violations shouldn’t be on the books in the first place.

  30. AL, The best cops I know are X mil. You don’t need to worry about taking an AD in the leg when they pull you over.

  31. AL, I disagree. If it’s a law then it needs to be enforced. Otherwise get rid of the law. Would I have pulled the guy over? Probably only for as courtesy or if I suspected something was up. Judging by the way the driver reacted something was up. Cop probably had good instincts and could have used a lot more training.

  32. I saw an episode of “Cops” once with a guy driving while “dangling”…… it wasn’t the same as this though.

  33. The training they get now days is part of the problem. I raised a cop, I hear about it all the time. Couple the training with some asshole who just wants to control people and you end up with some big problems.
    Yeah, I’m an expert. lol

  34. @Brad:

    AL, I disagree. If it’s a law then it needs to be enforced. Otherwise get rid of the law.

    Get rid of the law. Bingo. Should never have been enacted in the first place.

    Plus, having only one “flavor” of enforcer, and that one carrying lethal hardware and license, begs for this sort of crap to happen. That, plus the enforcer mindset that criminalizes, heck, it capital felonizes any resistance to authority no matter how trivial the underlying problem is. That problem suddenly becomes a matter of life and death? WTF?

    In my initial rant, I guess I should have said that explicitly. After excoriating voters, legislators, executives, judges, and enforcers, I sort of though that superfluous.

  35. About a month ago we had 4 home invasion robberies in one night. I mean tase the dog and stick a pistol in the residents faces. Four Black Guys in our lily white community stand out. One of our local Sheriffs spots these characters driving down the boulevard in an old beat up Dodge Durango. He made the initial stop for a tail light that was out. These guys were armed to the teeth too. I now the Sheriff who made the stop and he is ex mil. He backed them out of that car by himself before back up arrived. Just sayen this could have been the same deal.

  36. Al, AD’s or ND’s are caused by a lack of training and tactical range time. To Unruly’s point, Sac County Sheriffs are required to qualify three times a year. They tell me qualification is 3 mags. That’s 45 to 48 rounds. Not enough. My counties Sheriffs are all a bunch of gun nuts and they’re always at the range. My point is there are LEO these days that don’t like guns and don’t use them enough to be proficient. Part of the problem.

  37. Brad, I wasn’t referring to gun training. That is essential. I’m talking about tackling a jay walker and holding him to the ground with your knee until he nearly passes out. And shit like that. It’s getting to be like the tax-paying citizen is automatically an enemy to be dealt with harshly if they don’t exactly follow every command.

    These are supposed to be public servants, not our masters. And I know a lot of good cops – I shoot with them at the range. But there are a lot of assholes too. Just like in every field.

  38. If we just had some way to tell policemen which laws are chickenshit and shouldn’t be enforced, and which laws are not, then we wouldn’t have these problems.

    (note: sarcasm)

  39. It shouldn’t be the government who decides what should be illegal and what should not — that should be left to the People to decide. Enough of the legislating from the bench. We need to start locking up judges. Tackle those bastards and hold them down with a knee to the neck. Tear their rotator cuff and slap the cuffs on them. Give them a taste of what they create. lol

  40. Bet any money that guy was totally ‘effed up. The cop could see it. We couldn’t.
    And, what the hell is with all these clowns that refuse to follow simple instructions?

  41. Unruly, I was referencing gun training about the AD’s. However when the shit hits the fan your life is tied to your gun

  42. @unruly: “From the questions the cop was asking the driver, he probably got a criminal return when he ran the plates before deciding to pull him over.”

    Excellent point, and many other informed and valid points made here. I remember now to remember “the rest… of the story.”

  43. I agree Brad. I saw an older sheriff at the gun range one day when they were qualifying and I was waiting for them to get done so I could shoot. This guy could just barely hit paper at 15 feet. That’s the cop I want to get pulled over by. lol

  44. eternal cracker, I have one of those placards. I take it down when I am driving because its the law. I don’t plug up the aisles of stores because I can’t walk well enough to shop at all even with crutches. I drive when I must go somewhere or pick up one of the kids or something. Not fair to paint us all with that broad brush.

  45. Moe Tom – I’m kinda agreeing with you. Way back at the beginning that’s bullshit to be pulled over for a dangling handicap sticker.

  46. @Vietvet:

    If we just had some way to tell policemen which laws are chickenshit and shouldn’t be enforced…

    That’s easy and simple. If there’s no victim then it’s chickenshit and shouldn’t be enforced. (NOT sarcasm)

  47. Listen to the conversation between them in the beginning. It’s clear that the radio check on the driver prior to them speaking to one another yielded what would appear to be a warrant–the cop tells the guy to turn off the vehicle while the cop sorts the situation out. At that point, the guy attempts to hightail it with the cop hanging on for dear life.
    Justified even if it was accidental. Another one of obongo’s sons acts up and gets an injection of lead for his troubles (on top of an attempted murder of a cop charge to boot)!

  48. @Uncle Al: Ah, but the deciding of when there could be a victim – there’s the rub.

    Example: Cop fails to pull guy over for dangling H/C placard, which later obscures driver’s vision and he plows into a car with a family of four, resulting in the injury an/or death of innocent people. NOW you have victims. Now it’s not so simple.

  49. Cops (any more) are, more or less, revenue collectors.
    They try to prey on the law-abiding, because it’s easier and safer, and will bring bigger dividends.
    A working man will always pay up to avoid jail and fines while a maggot will laugh and do nothing. Or run. Or whatever.
    Pulling someone over for a HC tag IN NO WAY increases public safety – it was a means to the end of issuing a fine. Remember Eric Garner? Cop coulda said “move along” and that wouldda been the end of it – but – BUT Andy Cuomo demanded that the cops “get tough” on tax cheats – hence – a dead man for 10 cents worth of revenue.

    izlamo delenda est …

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