Cops Put Woman in Police Cruiser Parked On Railroad Tracks… Guess What Happens Next – IOTW Report

Cops Put Woman in Police Cruiser Parked On Railroad Tracks… Guess What Happens Next

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  1. Quota hire parked the car in the tracks, and female cop put the suspect in the car. Then they all stood around with their thumbs up their butts when they could hear the train horn blasting. Reading the YouTube comments from idiots was entertaining: “why didn’t the train driver stop when he saw the red and blue flashing lights?” SMH

  2. Sounds like a Floyd style murder attempt. Where are the protesters??? Oh, they’ll need a black race card to play.

  3. Sometimes I go Mountain biking with a group of 5 Retired Firefighters. (Very Friendly dudes) I told them I had a few friends who were coppers.

    Their response: “When we show up, you have had a bad day but it starts to get better.”

    “When the coppers show up, you have had a bad day and its gonna get worse.”

    They have a point in many cases…

  4. The minute I read the headline I started to laugh.
    I know its wrong.
    But I could not Help it.
    I’m still laughing 10 min latter…

  5. The dumb cock sucker cop yells as they get near the demolished car (with an injured person inside) “Watch the fence! Watch the fence!”. can’t have one of those assholes cutting their hand on barbed wire, could we?

  6. TheMule September
    “mindbogglingly stupid ass move”
    If that was the case, every officer at Uvalde should be charged.

  7. …sucks for her that she had that terror and pain, but the worst lawyer could still EASILY get her set for life.

    And what a story she has to tell!

  8. Tim – FJB
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 AT 2:46 PM
    “To Protect and Serve”

    …they always leave out WHO they protect and serve, I’ve noticed…

  9. Kcir
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 AT 12:50 PM

    “When we show up, you have had a bad day but it starts to get better.”

    “When the coppers show up, you have had a bad day and its gonna get worse.”

    …the countpoint to this is that firefighters are insufferable bores, as you may have noticed.

    Best firefighter joke I ever heard;
    “You know how you can know there’s a firefighter at a party?

    He’ll TELL you.”


  10. SNS

    These 5 are different.
    3 are recovering from they types of Cancer that type of job gets.
    The other 2 are like sheepdogs looking out for the others.
    They’re just a good group and very nice to me.

  11. Kcir – Embarrassed to be from Toronto
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 AT 3:21 PM

    God bless ’em, Kcir, just having a funny.

    Tell ’em that joke yourself, I bet they appreciate it.

    I know whereof I speak, ’cause I’m guilty of it too, as you may have noticed from me wearing the same 2 or 3 stories I have in these pages..

    But let me atone by offering your freinds a prayer. May the Lord ride to the rescue of those who were injured in the service of aiding His children. May He touch their bodies with His healing, buoy their spirits, and bless those who aid them in this battle against the scourge of cancer. May He heal the healers and may He return the love and compassion you have shown them to you sevenfold. Cancer is bad but the Lord is mighty, and to His glory will be the healing He has already sent their way, in the merciful name of Jesus we pray, amen.

    God Bless,

  12. These people need to be fired, then they need to do some time for gross negligence. Then they need to never ever be allowed to wear a badge again.

    I’ve been onboard a train that hit a vehicle. You get used to the horn doing the usual pattern. As someone with some technical abilities, I came to understand how the brakes operated, and the various sounds the locomotive and the cars make as you travel, the various track sensors automatically chattering to the conductor & engineer on the radio. But nothing quite prepares you for when the horn comes on and stays on, and the brakes blow down… And then the other brake pipe blows down, and the conductor walking the isle suddenly takes a vacant seat facing rearward… And at that point all we could do was wait to find out our fate in slow motion. In my case, nobody got hurt. The entire train in emergency brake managed to cut it’s speed from 60 mph to maybe 30 mph… A 80,000 lb loaded semi truck & end dump trailer were completely destroyed. Talking to the conductor a few days later, I was told they had to loosen the bolts on the locomotive’s plow and move it forward an inch, it took essentially no damage. I can’t imagine what it would have done to a car.

    Any lawyer could win this one. I hope they don’t cheat her out of her winnings. She’s going to see that light and hear that horn for the rest of her life.


  13. My son went to visit a friend in Colorado who is a cop. They are hard up for cops in that state. One reason might be that someone has to put themselves through an academy before anyone will hire them. As he was introduced to some of the people at the station, they very happily asked if he was going to apply. The sank pretty low when he said no.

  14. Cops Put Woman in Police Cruiser Parked On Railroad Tracks… Guess What Happens Next

    This is exactly what happened next: Train supervisor shows up and the engineer has to pee in a bottle right on the spot. I have to ask my son if they replace the engineer with a fresh one. Seems to me the RR has to investigate as well. Video clearly shows what happened and who was at fault. The cop who left that car on the tracks should be fired!

  15. Goldenfoxx
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 AT 6:10 PM

    I once transported the daughter of a train engineer in my squad on a night when I was driver, abd her dad rode shotgun to the hospital with me because her specialist was in a cross-town hospital and it was a bit of a haul, and he would be needed pretty quick for consent. She was pretty stable and it was 2 or 3 in the morning on a basically empty highway, so I didn’t have to keep the siren on and we could talk.

    One thing I remember him telling me is that every engineer has killed someone at one point or another. Not because the engineers are idiots, but because the people are. No one respects how long it takes a train to stop. They even get pedestrians sometimes.

    He could have been lying, of course, but we were just filling the silence and I wasn’t important enough for anyone to lie to, so probably not.

    And the way I see people act at railroad crossings, I’m actually surprised there’s not more.

  16. When someone says that something is as serious as a train wreck, it is serious indeed. I drove a large diesel switch engine for two years. I never had an accident or a derail because I was super cautious. Had I not been looking out for the idiots around me, they would have had a very bad day. I had one guy fired because he simply could not stay off the tracks when the engine approached. Yeah, he was that damn dumb. I felt bad for the guy’s family, but I probably saved his life.

  17. Since decriminalizing weed, all of Colorado has had trouble filling the ranks of their police squads. A big problem is that weed-heads can’t legally have a firearm transferred to them, and because of the piss tests, they can’t lie on their ATF forms.

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