Cops Re-Thinking Protest Rules After Car Driven by Black Man Kills White Seattle BLM Freeway Blocker

PJMedia: One of the Seattle Black Lives Matter protesters struck by a car while blocking Interstate 5 early July 4th has died and her death has forced state cops to re-think their permissive policies allowing protesters to take over freeways.

Summer Taylor was blocking the freeway with a small group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators on the southbound lanes of I-5, the main artery through Seattle, about 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

A 27-year-old man was arrested. Police identified him as Dawit Kelete, and they say he was sober.

Summer Taylor, a non binary Black Lives Matter activist who was hit by a car while protesting on the I-5 freeway in Seattle, has died. Dawit Kelete, who is black, is accused of being the driver & was arrested.


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  1. WTF is “non-binary” ???
    I don’t get around or out much,
    are all young people Bat $HIT Crazy like
    Summer was?

  2. How did that shit stain get in our country, get a Jag & then kill a US citizen? A screwd up citizen but a citizen all the same? Will be deported back to africa or will we have to pay for his incarceration for fucking ever?

  3. Hooooo boy!
    If it was a WHITE driver, you just KNOW that he (yes, binary “he”) would have been tried, convicted, sentenced, and thrown UNDER the jail before IOTWR ever let loose these electrons and bits.
    But now……..the driver is a black man (and apparently successful, driving a jag).
    What WILL the Burn, Loot, Murder and PantyFag thugs do now?!

  4. ANY Pedestrian traffic on ALL US Interstate highways is Against The Law.

    Since she Never Should Have Been There, the driver is pretty much non-chargeable, except for littering.

    he steered his vehicle in manner to go out of his way to hit the idiot(s) in the middle of I-5 (65mph) trying stop traffic as a protest jesture.

  5. Why would the driver be arrested? Ever seen the signs ‘no pedestrians on the freeway’?
    Add to that dressing in all black at 1:30 am. This thing was not raised properly. Not smart.

  6. Sometimes when, for example, a bad guy gets sent to prison, another bad guy prisoner kills the first bad guy. This is kind of like that.

  7. Time to add an accessory to my car, a horn that sounds like gun shots and automatic weapons fire.

  8. “Summer Taylor, a non binary Black Lives Matter activist…”

    “Summer Taylor, a DEAD Black Lives Matter activist…”

    There. Fixed it for ya. 😎

  9. Perhaps protestors should be kept off major highways if their demonstration has not been properly arranged with authorities (who then close they area before the marchers take the street). Just saying, there’s a good reason why citizens need the proper licensing and security by informing local officials and cooperating with the law enforcement.

  10. You just can’t keep a scorecard anymore….hit by pitch, walked, struck out swinging, fly out, ground out???…how do keep track?…

  11. If that faggy douche would have stayed home and watched reruns of Will and Grace, it would still be alive and still spewing more BLM bullshit on social media. Play stupid games…

  12. Summer Taylor, 1993-2020, killed during the Summer Of Love in the great Emerald City Of Love. She died doing what she Loved – in the City Of Love during the Summer Of Love. What’s not to Love?

  13. Well, if you’re dumb enough to believe that you can make facts like gender go away just by denying them, you’re probably dumb enough to believe that BLM isn’t a hate group.

  14. Gee, I’m having a hard time shedding a tear. Hate it for you Summer, but life is risky enough as it is just living by the rules, and you just increased your risk exponentially by your choice.

  15. Fat, pastey-white, with blue hair, covered in tattoos, and of course “non-binary”. What a loss to the gene pool that one was.

  16. They’re itching to make this a crime when there is no crime.

    But what really ticks them off is that the driver was black and the dead idiot is white. They just drool thinking of what fun they could have had if the driver was white and the peaceful protester was black. It would not only be a hate crime, but also domestic terrorism, and it would have PROVED that white nationalists are the most dangerous entity on earth.

    They’re not heartbroken that this dumb broad died. They’re heartbroken that the colors were wrong and they can’t play it to the hilt.

  17. I understand the truckers have said they will not be stopped by a mob on an interstate to be hijacked and killed. They also said if a city became occupied by crazies there would be no deliveries. No fast food or booze for a week and the nutters will capitulate.

  18. Another situation where people protesting the police scream for the police to help them.

    Do they realize that they wanted to police to arrest a black man?

    Isn”t that racial profiling?

    If they hate the police that much they shouldn’t have expected the police to close the freeway for them.

  19. Seattle has spent 6 million dollars in police overtime since the riots, er, protests have started. More today to honor the hitnrun protester and an Ethiopian singer who was killed I guess in Ethiopia. I suppose more tomorrow. Endless.

    Is Bill Barr tracking the money used to keep the agitators on the streets? They are awfully well organized. There had to be a management hierarchy Excel sheet that the NSA can spy on, right? Good grief anyways. 😡

  20. Her claim to fame will be that her biggest impact on the BLM movement was against a black man’s windshield.

  21. So, is this black dude going to be convicted of murder and sentenced to 300 years in prison like the white dude in Charlottesville? Keep in mind, the white guy was being attacked and was fleeing for his safety, the black dude was the aggressor and attacked these non-binary blm morons! No Justice No Peace!!

  22. If the police are going to contribute to the rioting, lawlessness and leftist turmoil maybe they do need to be defunded!

  23. So if she’s non-binary, is she a one or a zero? She can’t be both. My guess is that she is, er I mean was, a zero.

  24. From the Urban Dictionary:


    A person who identifies as neither male nor female. These people usually go by they/them pronouns, but some will choose neopronouns.

    Oh, great. Now I have to look up “neopronouns.”

    It doesn’t matter now. She’s a now zero for an infinity of time.

  25. Is there an imam in the house? We need to know, does sharia require starting from a rooftop? Or is from as high as a rooftop good enough?

  26. ‘Life Is Hard; It’s Even Harder When You’re Stupid’
    John Wayne

  27. I know nothing of the man, but I feel badly that he will probably be charged and jailed. No pedestrians belong on a freeway. Side of the road with an emergency flashlight if your vehicle breaks down, and use common sense.

    Was there a complete roadblock to prevent a driver into the area where the idiots were partying?

  28. Mental illness is a very sad thing. No one in their right mind tries to blockade a freeway and think they will safe.

    I still think POTUS Trump needs to make a stand on behalf of the American people to identify, round up, and “help” people who are exhibiting mental illness — in institutions. Imagine. Suddenly all your weird-ass crap is no longer thought to just be self-expression. Those kids would snap out of it in a red hot minute.

  29. Good thing she’s dead now. I don’t have to waste time fucking trying figure out what made up gender she was.

  30. She’s binary now…dead, as opposed to alive. There are only two options, I believe.

    With this little fiction, maybe re-defining life to non-binary is just around the corner.

    Scientists say Zombies are “For Real”.

    A group of scientists and doctors from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine released a scientific article today entitled “Zombies – Fact or Fiction?”

    The article is the result of a yearlong study of the regeneration of human life after death has thought to have been established. The group of scientists received a grant of 5.4 million dollars from the National Academy of Sciences and 1 million dollars from a foundation headed by George Soros.

    The scientists worked closely with Dr. Oliver Toussaint of New Orleans, who has worked in the human life regeneration field for over 30 years. Dr. Toussaint is also the pastor of the Life Regeneration Living Rock Church in New Orleans, and leader of the movement that goes by the same name. Some critics have labelled Dr. Toussaint a “Witch Doctor”, but Dr. Toussaint’s movement has received 6.5 million dollars in grant money every year since 2009 from the US Government’s Department of Health and Human Services.

    In a press conference today, Dr. Alan Weisenheimer, the leader and spokesperson of the University of Pennsylvania group, told reporters that the first thing mankind needs to do is to recognize that death is very complicated: “We see death as multi-phased and think there are at least three stages – Death-Con 1, Death-Con 2, and Death-Con 3. In Death-Con 1, a person can be brought back to life, Death-Con 2 is iffy and requires a lot more study. Death-Con 3 is after major decomposition has set in, and bringing back life to a rotting corpse is problematical, if not impossible. But with Dr. Toussaint’s help, we have made a lot of strides in our understanding.”

    During an experiment at New Orleans General Hospital in February, 2016 the U of P group were eyewitnesses to Dr. Toussaint’s successful attempt to bring a man back to life. A 47 year old African-American man had been pronounced dead 3 days prior to the experiment, from a combination of factors including heart disease, clogged arteries, and high blood pressure. The U of P first established that the man was truly dead by modern medical standards by observing that the man was not breathing, had no blood pressure or pulse, etc., then let Dr. Toussaint proceed with his “life regeneration” methods. Dr. Toussaint began by chanting over the corpse, which he explained as “Island/Haitian/Creole folkloric incantations”, sprinkling “life-awareness herbs” on his face, and rubbing the mans arms and torso with a stick made from the wood of an African Boab tree that is older than 10,000 years.

    After 30 seconds of this treatment, the U of P team noticed the man’s neck muscles and eyelids moving. After 2 minutes, as Dr. Weisenheimer explained: “The man’s eyes opened up wide and he sat bolt upright. Then, he got up off the gurney and stumbled around. He actually bumped into me. None of us thought he was still dead. We were speechless. After a few more minutes, he collapsed. Somehow we knew then he was really dead and beyond even Dr. Toussaint’s help. We were all elated at Dr. Toussaint’s experiment, except Dr. Toussaint himself. He said he’s kept people alive for months and even years after death, but this was a difficult case, because the man had a very weak “elemental life spirit”.

    Dr. Weisenheimer explained that his group was confident that no trickery had been used. The U of P group was also pleased that Dr. Toussaint appears to be very professional with an excellent head for scientific study: “We noticed that the doctor didn’t use any religious mumbo-jumbo, crosses, bibles, prayers, and so forth. Dr. Toussant’s “elemental life spirit” concept has a foundation in real science. We know that electrical impulses remain in the body for a considerable time after death. It’s a matter of finding that tiny flame, fanning it, and giving it some more fuel. That’s real life regeneration”.

    Dr. Weisenheimer said he was looking forward to continued funding and support from the US Government to pursue the important work in the “life regeneration” sciences. “Death is all too common. We want to tell death to Take a Hike”, Dr. Weisenheimer said.

  31. @joe6pak
    JULY 5, 2020 AT 10:08 PM

    Heh, I didn’t say it would work. I just said it was his best defense.

  32. Pretty sure that non-binary means they failed every byte of their Pre-K mathematics coursework. Consequently, not getting one plus one to equal two, they just make crap up! They were given participation trophies, after all.


  33. From viewing the video, the ‘protesters’ had staged a bunch of vehicles across the lanes of traffic. The driver went to his right to get around them, maybe up on a sidewalk or meridian, couldn’t tell. Once he cleared the obstacle he apparently saw the bulk of the group directly in his path and hard swerved back to his left, subsequently hitting the two that were right in the middle of the roadway. If they were swaddled up in the customary Idiot’s Black, he probably could not see them in time to dodge, once again…it actually looked like his swerve to avoid the larger crowd caused some control issues…saw some fish-tailing.

    Concerning him doing a hit-and-run, he did appear to slow down, after they went flying, maybe planning to stop, but took off when the mob headed his way.

    Not trying to justify anything, that’s just what I saw. I will opine, however, that if I happened upon such a crowd of peacefully belligerent hostiles, I would not be stopping, for anything.

    Folks playing Darwinian games do tend to win naturally selected prizes.


  34. Obviously, being binary didn’t help her much. None of her “They or Them” warned her a two ton vehicle was headed her way.


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