Cop’s Report After Use of Excessive Force Reads Nothing At All Like the Video

Cops say this public drunk ‘lunged at them after screaming profanities and resisting arrest. They pushed him against the wall to attempt to calm him and then forced him to the ground so they would be able to get cuffs on him.’

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I had an open mind before I looked at the video. In fact, I probably skewed in favor of the cops because I don’t like public drunks. But the cops clearly lie on their report. You can see the video HERE.

I remember when people used to argue vociferously against public video surveillance, calling it an assault on privacy. Unfortunately, we need even more surveillance in order to protect us from our government. Sad.

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  1. Couldn’t watch the video on the Kindle. Did they push the guy’s head down when he was getting in the car, so he wouldn’t bump his head? They always do that. I’m pretty sure I could get in the car by myself with handcuffs on, but I don’t know, because the cop pushed my head down that one time.

  2. I remember reading a police report about when the local police detained someone because they thought he was the person who was committing some petty thefts and minor damage in the area.

    The officer, who was off duty at the time, started his report like this:

    As I was driving home in the evening, I noticed it was warm out.

    Doesn’t sound like much, but when he detained the alleged burglar, the officer asked why he was wearing gloves. The person said it was cool outside. In other words, the officer added the statement about it being warm to offset and give lie to what the citizen said about the temperature being a bit cool.

    To give the officer the benefit of the doubt, I actually phoned a local SF TV station and asked about the weather on that day for the area and time in question. The weatherman told me that the temperature was in the high 50s. I asked if 60 degrees was possible and he said no.

    To some people 57-59 degrees is a bit cool. It was NOT warm out. The officer lied to give more weight to his other statements and to make it appear as if the citizen lied.

    Was the detainee actually the person committing those petty crimes? Yes he was, but that doesn’t give the police the right to lie.

  3. Thirdtwin,

    The drunk guy is standing against a wall and is not animated in any way shape or form. He is completely wasted, can barely stand.
    As he’s talking he reaches out to touch the arm of one of the officers like the way an old woman would to emphasize a point in a story that is in no way intimidating.
    When he does this an officer starts punching him in the face and then they pull him down onto the pavement unaided by them. He free falls, arms down, into the ground on his eye.

  4. This stuff will continue to happen until we see DA’s actually prosecute these cases, bad cops go to prison, and the cities get sued blind. Bad cops don’t just harm bad people, anyone could find themselves on the beating end, and for any reason. You pissed off about an out of control government who lies and threatens your liberties? Get pissed off about this as well.

  5. Do you know what I resent the most lately?

    I resent that when I see a cop now I feel fear and intimidation when I used to have a feeling of safety and security.

  6. “…This incident happened just three months after BSO shelled out $350,000 to settle a federal lawsuit involving Deputy Lambert, who allegedly beat and abused another Broward citizen…”

    The video was clear enough. The Deputy Thug’s history of abuse shows a pattern. The tax payers are going to pay a lot more for this criminal with a badge.

  7. Can’t beat this:

    Guy railroaded into 22 years in NJ jail for child murder. He had the mental capabilities of a child but the cops and prosecutor wanted a warm body to prosecute persecute. Scumbag so-called “law enforcement” we’re denied immunity over this but will probably get wrist slaps. If this had been further south he would have been executed already. I hate sociopathic egotistical asshats

  8. You don’t have to feel sympathy for the drunk to feel outrage about a disturbed cop who violently abuses the power granted to him by the people by sadistically beating helpless victims – whether they’re guilty of a crime, or not.


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