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Cori Bush isn’t free; she costs taxpayers $174K a year

Patriot Retort: Imagine being a duly elected Congresswoman in the United States House of Representatives and spending Independence Day bitching that you aren’t free. That’s what Cori Bush (BLM-MO) did over the weekend.

How was your holiday weekend?

I’m guessing you had a better time than Cori Bush.

@CoriBush When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people. This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.11:48 AM · Jul 4, 2021

Now, on the one hand, Cori Bush isn’t entirely wrong. Trust me. This chick isn’t slaving away in the halls of Congress for free. We taxpayers are on the hook for her salary, benefits, not to mention the inevitable pension she’ll receive when she mercifully leaves office.

On the other hand, Cori Bush is full of crap. more

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  1. Seems to me that we taxpayers are the ones who aren’t free.
    After all, we are the ones slaving away to pay for her fat ass and others of her ilk

  2. …my ancestors were in Ireland at the time slavery was going on being starved by English lords, in Scotland being hunted by them, coaling in Newcastle, and under the eaves of the Schwartzwald scratching at the land for sustenance in between bouts of tyrannical oppression.

    They came over here and were treated like pure shit by the ruling class for being Irish and Catholic, and were hounded and persecuted for having a Germanic name when it was time to be killing the huns. They settled in the mountains of WVA to die in the coal mines until my parents met and got education so they could get good work elsewhere (not much to do in WVA unless you like Black Lung, illegal distilling, or directing funerals for both), so they were the first generation to get out of poverty after my Dad was done flying MATS transports to Korea, but he kept up with the Urban Appalachian Council to help folks that struggled with City life, as many who left the hills did, and both he and Mom (when it was still not cool for women to work) worked hard to make a living for us kids, and my mom has such a strong work ethic that she still has a job well into her 80s that we can’t get her to give up.

    None of us ever HAD slaves, but many of us were TREATED like them.

    And now, some fucking Democrat who barely has to WORK for a living wants to tell me that I owe people who were never slaves some sort of stipend from MY hard won earnings because we are allegedly the same hue as some mean folks that no ancestor of mine even shared a CONTINENT with while that mess was going on?!?


    …I don’t owe you SHIT. I have been myself officially, institutionally, governmentally discriminated against for MY color AND my gender, and even though my people were treated to NO IRISH OR DOGS signs and threatened with death so often and by so many people that Grandpa had to Anglicanize the family NAME just so folks wouldn’t threaten to burn them out any more, THESE slaps want to tell ME I owe people of a certain visual appearance something for crimes of people I am not even related to from 180 years ago because I allegedly have a similar looking melanin content and no other reason?!?


    They will get nothing of value from me but the fillings in my teeth after they’ve shot me down to take my guns.





    …fuck OFF with this slavery bullshit.

    …if your SO opposed to slavery, go free the Black slaves in the Congo.

    I had nothing to do with it, and neither did any OTHER White person currently living in America.

    Go piss up a rope.

    You are owed NOTHING.

    …but while we’re righting wrongs, maybe you should be seeing to it that the White people who live in your district a refund on their Federal taxes.

    Since you CLEARLY do NOT represent THEM.

    …and what is taxation without representation, if not slavery…

  3. BLM rhetoric frequently heard during protests:
    “We’re still slaves.”
    “We’re not free.”
    “We have nothing to lose but our chains.”
    “Total Abolition!”

    They can’t be free because this would mean that they are responsible for their own lives and must own the consequences of their life-choices. Some people actually desire this slave/victim mentality. Oh, they “protest” it, but secretly love it as it’s their very basis of power. There’s a sick, violent, seriously disordered, narcissism behind it. It’s all a conveniently self-fulfilling and self-indulgent worldview that has the built-in feature of ultimate protection from any and all criticism – because everything is Racist!

  4. Given the posts above, I have nothing of value to add.
    It has been said and well said.
    As a slave to the state, I concur.

  5. There is a political Party that defended their cause of black people being less than human predicated purely on the color of their skin. That Party spent five years trying to force their understanding on others and cost 750,000 American lives (2.5% of the population of the United States) in the process. To what ends? To continue their exploitation of a vulnerable population. If anyone thinks that this very same Party would not sacrifice 2.5% of our current population to continue to use black people to advance their political agenda… that is naivety in the extreme.

    They are what they are and they are the ONLY major political Party that has EVER had KKK and former KKK leaders elevated to national leadership positions in their own Party and this continued into the current century.

    Let’s just say: Me thinks she doth protest too much.

    In other words, her sincerity is not something I would accept at face value.

  6. Right fucking on SNS.

    I’m 3rd generation Italian and my grandparents, fresh off the boat, were thankful to be disrespected and exploited in America rather than starving & scratching the dirt in n Italy.

    Fucking talk about ungrateful, this cunt is this month’s poster child.

  7. Reparations would not resolve anything but more reparation shakedown schemes for the eternal self-appointed “victim”.

    Already, after trillions that have already been paid for generational housing, food, countless welfare schemes that gave birth to fatherless families, whining and braying politician-victims like Cori Bush and crime, all (or most all) solutions continue remaining abject failures costing wasted trillions.

    No! Nothing will work. Why? Because it has ALWAYS been designed to fail, leaving the next open door in perpetuating yet another reparations shakedown scheme, without end and without one Thank You.

    All other races in the United States have paid these trillions without any perceivable outcome or benefit. So, it’s time to either get our money back, or let all the self-appointed “victims” play that reparation/victimhood game back in Africa with the relatives of that country’s original slave sellers.


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