Cornbread is no more


A thieving thug in South Carolina nicknamed “Cornbread” broke into the home of a woman in an attempted burglary. Now, the story has gone viral after the victim found “Cornbread” in her closet and gave him a brutal surprise.

According to local news source WSPA, the burglary attempt took place on Friday, April 20, 2018, at a residence on Easterlin Way. The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said that 34-year-old Quentin Oliver, a.k.a. “Cornbread” according to one friend who identified him on Facebook, was caught hiding in the closet of his would-be female victim before things took a serious turn for the worse.

The victim had reportedly arrived home after dropping her children off at school and recalled smelling something strange in her home, according to what one family member named Douglas Sweeney told WSPA. The woman immediately went to her vehicle outside and made a decision that likely saved her life — she grabbed her gun.

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  1. Read the details and this “crumb”
    had been harassing her at work.
    He was out to get her but she
    got him first. Good stuff!

  2. He got axed because he didn’t axe himself whether using axe was a good idea right before a burglary. Any fool knows that if you’re going to hide in a closet you need to use something in Fresh Linen scent.

  3. I hope the victim sends the family of Cornbread a bill for the carpet cleaning to remove the blood. +50 cents for the bullet.

  4. Why does this woman’s so called “right” to own a gun trump this man’s absolute right to live? If you people loved others as much as you loved your guns, no one would ever be hurt.

  5. @Cassandra Shapiro-Dawes: Are you for real???? I’m really sure that Cornbread was hiding in her closet to just “show her some love!” Idiot – her gun saved her life!

  6. Cassandra Shapiro-Dawes

    If your post is serious, I’ll give you the short answer. There are three truisms in life; death, taxes and “PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES”.

    Cornpone won the STUPID prize.

  7. Cassandra Shapiro-Dawes

    Don’t think of it as a Gun Rights Issue. Think of it in terms of “Poking Holes in Mutha Fxckers” that are some place they don’t belong. I hope this helps.

  8. Just funnin’ youse guys. Needed to work on my leftist sock skills, to see how coherently stupid a post I can make on their own turf (meaning elsewhere) without any of them noticing. If YOU guys buy it, I know they will.

    CS-D will be a running gag on occasion, just to keep me sharp. Have fun with “her.” Sorry to rile you!

  9. @Cassandra Shapiro-Dawes – Cornbread violated that woman’s right to be left alone in her own home. When you violate somebody else’s rights, you forfeit your own rights.

    She could have simply barricaded the closet door, run duct tape over all the gaps, and waited until he suffocated. That gun was just a handy tool.

    EDIT: I have a habit of giving serious answers to rhetorical and non-serious questions. It amuses me!

  10. The key to trolling leftists from the inside is not to go overboard in full SJW lunatic mode. As hard as it is to go over the top, it can be done accidentally and the game’s up. Besides, most of them are not (yet) like that. Most are like CS-D.

    You’ve got to keep that forced calm, that slightly restrained but superior feel…that unmistakably snobbish, looking-down-their-nose-at-you tone that NPR talkers have. Once you’ve heard it, you can’t mistake it. That’s what I like to go for because it slips under their radar. And posing idiotic (but to a leftist, well-reasoned) questions like I did above helps with camouflage. They swallow it hook line and sinker.

  11. It took the authorities a while to figure out who the deceased college student was lying in the closet, because ID cards are difficult to acquire for many in the community. So far, the authorities have only determined the man is known by others as Cornbread, Cornhole, Cornholio, Lil Corn, Big Poppa Corn, CornDarius, Cornxavier, Cornelius, Treycorn, Orville, and Jiffy Pop.

    He was unarmed.

  12. Cassandra, why you old Scutter. That thar is the dumbest thing I ever heared. If that don’t put a clod in your shoe. That thar cornpone was jest a hoochin’ down in the closet waitin’ for a chance to do murder.
    What’s a man full growed a doin’ hidin in the closet? Sittin’ there like a boll weevil on a corn cob. Why he ain’t got the gumption to pound sand down a rat hole.
    Now if she weren’t a packing that hog leg she wouldn’t had no more chance than a grass hopper in a hen house!
    So you go on, pooch up like an old toad.
    I caint stand me no Liberal City folk,

  13. Good one grool. I’m conflicted about the name choice though. Some of the brethren in the community have begun to take offense to a white sounding person speaking on their behalf. Observe the names used on fb:
    Shenita “I’m trying to figure out how he would of gotten in. I don’t recall reading about a break in.”
    Domeneak “Hell no what happen to my boy!!!!???!?”
    Na Na “This whole thing just said fraudulent to me”
    And last but least, the epitome of brevity herself Shatoria with “it really doesn’t.”

    Go for it. I can’t get past my late 90s stock ‘Shneniqua, LaTonya and her sister LaFred’ retort.

    Quentin Oliver sure does sound different, though his last public statement that shall live on the internet forever is “You kno I stay asking ya sis them was good wit u. Ain’t to long until u home Bruh!!!”

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think “cornbread” was there to rape and murder her.
    Harassing, stalking, breaking and entering, lying in wait in her closet. He wasn’t just a random burglar.
    Yeah, this story could have been way darker.
    Likely she spurned his advances and he went psycho-nuts on her.

  15. The only good thug burglar. No matter what color, is a dead thug burglar. You burgle someones home you should pay with your life. If the home owner wastes you then the tax payers will be grateful.
    Dead criminals never re offend.

  16. Honorable Mention….2018 Darwin Awards, and he only got Honorable Mention because of his name–it was catchy! [sarcasm off]

  17. In my experience, only Libs have names like “Cassandra”. Plus the women still have their hyphen intact.


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