Coronavirus genome found in Spain wastewater samples from March 2019, scientists reveal

‘Barcelona is a city that is frequented by Chinese people…’

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  1. Given that the virus test gives false positives, and there are all these asymptomatic people…..


  2. Positives, according to the CDC, can include people having a common cold.

    Look it up, it’s on the CDC site.

    A positive test requires further testing to confirm whether it is or is not Covid-19.

    This makes both the total numbers and the numbers of new cases reported to be suspect, they are all inclusive and not specific to covid-19 at this time.

  3. Deaths are going down so the media goes with cases, which are going up because of almost 25% more tests given. And there is zero pushback from the republican party. They stop the opening of the economy in it’s tracks just like democrats. Republican politicians are royal fucking you over just like democrat politicians.

    It’s time to wake up.

  4. No Shit!

    We are in the SECOND WAVE

    Traditionally, No one ever knows when the first wave hits until after the fact.

    The second wave will be longer and linger because the quarantine delayed the natural progression of the slightly worse flu/cold.

    Fall would have been the Third wave (Turd Wave in French Canadian) but will now be the tail of the 2nd wave.

    We have delayed the inevitable, which was exaggerated, and now have to deal with the shit for 2 years.

    Fuck Trudeau, canada’s prime minister in hiding.

  5. Fake fraud Fauci takes his mask off when the camera stops rolling.

    How much longer are we supposed to give a pass to our tweeter in chief who allows this fucking fraud to be his mouthpiece.

    Does Donald Trump give even two shits about us? I don’t know about anyone else but i’m fed up. He can take action, Barr can take action, or FUCK both of them.

    No more passes for these son of a bitches.

  6. The Chicoms purposefully allowed their WhuFlu contaminated slaves to travel worldwide to spread their war virus once they knew they screwed up and let it out before they planned.
    The sick slaves Were Not allowed to travel in China.
    Anyone else think this was an act of war?
    If the West doesn’t act against this attack, it’s dead.

  7. 6 degrees of separation. Yet I still don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has convid-1984. Somehow everyone on every leftist shitrag website has corona and they all claim certain death if you catch it and even more certain death if you refuse some mythical vaccine.

  8. I caught a flu bug back in 2016, with similar symptoms as Covid while working The Gem Show, which is frequented by large numbers of Chinese and other nationalities (which I now call The Germ Show.) I’ve had the flu before but this one knocked me on my ass. The woman who I worked with, whom I believe gave it to me, admitted she had been sick. Why the hell didn’t you stay home? Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I think this particular virus has been here longer than originally thought.

  9. Fragments resembling the Xi virus also resemble fragments of gene sequences from similar coronaviruses. They are fragments. It is difficult to impossible to differentiate them.

    If the researchers had mentioned that they had matched fragments unique to the Xi virus genome, then I would be more impressed.

    From the Reuters article: “Dr Joan Ramon Villalbi of the Spanish Society for Public Health and Sanitary Administration told Reuters it was still early to draw definitive conclusions.

    “When it’s just one result, you always want more data, more studies, more samples to confirm it and rule out a laboratory error or a methodological problem,” he said.

    There was the potential for a false positive due to the virus’ similarities with other respiratory infections.”

    Unfortunately, in testing the March 12, 2019 sample, they destroyed it. No chance for independent verification.

    There is a benefit to screening sewage samples for coronavirus fragments in the current pandemic, as they are indicators of outbreaks of infection of a coronavirus, which right now is most likely the Xi virus, before symptoms show and testing of individuals begins.


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