Coronavirus sparks ‘insane’ evacuation from NYC, movers say

FOX: New York City, the metropolitan area hardest hit by the domestic coronavirus outbreak, is losing residents at an unprecedented clip, according to local moving companies.

Roadway Moving President Ross Sapir, for example, told FOX Business that people are moving out of Manhattan in numbers he has “never seen before,” as his company deals with its busiest season since its 2008 inception.

“It’s insane … I’ve never seen such growth,” Sapir said. “[Business is] double or triple compared to any other season as far as moving out of the city.”

On some days, Roadway experiences a 200 percent increase in leaving inquiries. Its clientele consists largely of higher net-worth individuals, typically 25-year-old to 45-year-old professionals in well-to-do parts of Manhattan.

United Van Lines CEO Marc Rogers told FOX Business that the majority of residents moving out of Manhattan, 61 percent, are earning over $100,000. And those moving out also tend to be older – 64 percent are aged 55 or over – or in the 25 to 40 age range (25 percent).

“New York City is up very dramatically for May in … these leads for interest in moving,” Rogers said. more

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  1. …and they run to red states because they don’t suck, but they bring the politics that will MAKE them suck, and then they’ll wonder why the suck seemed to follow them…

  2. Well, LA’s been Antifa’d out as a destination as most other proggy towns. You know what that means. Where are the Really BIG roach motels when you need ’em?

  3. I’m sorry, but all democrats who flee the cities full of problems that their own voting habits created? Should be prohibited from voting in their new location for at least 10 years! Not very Constitutional. But I,m sick of liberals ruining everywhere they go!

  4. Wasn’t there a movie, “Escape from NY” this must be based on a true story in reverse??.

  5. And the best part is, wherever they go, they will be sure to tell the locals: “that’s not the way we did it back in New York.”

  6. Sure, come on out and buy your hobby farm, your wife can make artisanal soaps from goat’s milk and package them in natural paper embedded with flower seeds (she won’t sell more than ten). Give it all up in four years and sell out at a loss to go live in Florida to suck up to Dad and his new wife and secure whatever inheritance there may be.

  7. You mean it took something like a virus to convince people to abandon that nut factory of a state!

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  9. They will be shocked to find in any other blue state, officials are equally as ignorant, if not more so!

  10. “New York City, the metropolitan area hardest hit by the domestic coronavirus outbreak,” ought to instead be – NYC, the metro area hardest hit by dumb-ass inept mayor and governor who caused increased coronavirus outbreak.

  11. In reality, these people have been considering a move from the shithole but the virus was that little shove they needed to actually do it.


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