Coronavirus Unmasks The Worst People In The World

Issues & Insights: There are no benefits to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s get that out of the way now. But it has shown many what a few of us already knew: The political left is filled with the worst people in the world.

Crises, we’ve been told, bring out the best in us. And often that’s true. We’ve seen this in our current situation. Some companies are donating protective masks and ventilators. Neighbors are offering help to each other. Major league sports professionals are providing financial support to workers who don’t have jobs to go to because games have been canceled. At least one grocery chain is donating as many as 6 million meals to those who have been hurt by the pandemic.

We’re also seeing just how low some can go:

h/t  ghost of brig gen j glover

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  1. Joe Biden has just been accused of rape.

    Watch how fast all those pink pussy hat wearing cunts don’t give a shit.

  2. Let’s not leave out the regular(?) people that have come out of their holes with the all for me and none for thee attitudes we’ve all seen stories about or witnessed personally in our markets and stores. They deserve scorn also.

  3. Certainly the left is more despicable than the right, however we have our problems too. Like this 2 trillion dollar pandemic bill. Not only is there huge amounts of wasteful spending for things that are not affected by this “emergency”, but there are provisions in this that aid our enemies. For example, if a medium sized business, I think it’s 500-10,000 employees, was to borrow money from this fund they are then barred from opposing any attempt by the employees to unionize. WTF?!?! That would not be there if the republicans had hair on their ass! They are as useless as the left and probably more dangerous because not enough people are paying attention to them.

  4. I believe I am aloud to not care sooo much about LA & NYC’s coronavirus problems. After all, I’m a Midwestern deplorable and I know exactly what they think of me, they’ve told me publicly for years.
    You don’t care about me, so I won’t care so much about you…
    Does Jim Carey got it yet??? What about Joe Scarborough & Mika? Or Rick Wilson & Dom LeMon?

  5. Both the morons shown plus many more should be in prison for attempting to overthrow the US government. GOYA AG Barr!!!!!!!

  6. We need to become AMERICANS again,
    like when we could do ANYTHING we put
    our minds & backs to !!! DAM STRAIGHT!

  7. They know not with whom they F*ck.
    Mr. Trump is a Juggernaut that will slowly roll over these witless drones and grind their bones into the earth.
    He gets up every day and goes after it. No days off, no stopping, just working. You can tell he loves what he’s doing.
    His addiction is accomplishment.

  8. @MJA – thank you, it is appreciated, that came from the Doug Ross site, h/t to them.

    I believe you and @BFH know about this site…

    And IOTW is in the mentioned right tabs.

    A regular News Stop for me…as with IOTW. :>)

    But, what IS with, ALL this UNMASKING going on for the past three years plus now?? VERY ODD…in a majestic way.

    We all know vermin when we see it…and hear it.


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