Coronavirus Vaccine Shipped To Feds – In Prep For Human Trials


Drugmaker Moderna said on Monday that the first batch of its vaccine against the coronavirus is ready for the government to start testing on humans.

The therapeutics and vaccines company said it has shipped vials of the medicine, called mRNA-1273, to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in Bethesda, Maryland. The NIAID expects to begin the clinical trial with 20 to 25 healthy subjects by the end of April to evaluate the vaccine’s safety and efficacy against infection, the Wall Street Journal reported. That would mark a three-month period between vaccine design and human testing, with first results becoming available as early as July, according to the report. More

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  1. Yes the flu can be deadly. What’s worse is the destructive panic that follows misinformation. We get a daily body count in the media without any comparison to any other health issue or strain of flu currently existing. It’s making these news outlets a ton of money.

  2. “Going into a Phase One trial within three months of getting the sequence is unquestionably the world indoor record. Nothing has ever gone that fast,” …

    Speed isn’t always the best of ideas, sometimes it is actually the worst.

  3. They’ve obviously been farting around with this for awhile. Vaccines for viruses never happen this fast. Somebody’s not be honest.

  4. Trump needs the health bureaucracies to move fast for the good of the country. That’s going to be a problem. I guess we will find out who the deep state subversives are at the NIH and CDC. Rosenstein’s sister was just the beginning. Watch them like a hawk, President Trump. And make nothing but perfect calls. They would like to build another impeachment out of this.

  5. Rest assured leftprogs are working overtime to decriminalize intentional infection of others with COVID-19 along with HIV.

    Without misery and suffering there is no left.

  6. No thanks I think I’ll take my chance to get an influenza flu that I very likely survive with minimal discomfort as a healthy mid aged person rather than stick some unknown vaccine into my body. BTW you can’t even sue companies over vaccines that harm children and you have limited recourse when you are harmed. So yeah, call me crazy but the government is not where I lay my faith or look for solutions. Are they actively seeking Trump voters too?!

  7. I was told that the flu shot last fall was only 58% effective. Who wants to test the corona-virus shot to see if its any good?? What’s plan B for me, if it doesn’t work??

  8. I won’t be your huckleberry. I’m sticking with booze, ribeye, onions and peppers and a generally disagreeable personality…..

  9. A bullshit vaccine to cure the bullshit virus from the bullshit Chinese. It’s all bullshit. Anyone remember Y2K?

  10. Personals: “Man with Corona virus seeking woman with Limes disease.”

    Not original with me but some may not have heard it.

  11. Ditto, MJA. After two flu shot induced flu episodes that were beyond severe, close to critical, I’m never getting another flu shot. The Coronavirus is nothing compared to the average annual flu. I’ll pass on the Coronavirus vaccine – glad it exists for others.
    BTW, the Chinese started this mess they should pay “Bigly” for the vaccine.


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