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Corporate America Doesn’t Like America At All

Townhall– If you watched any of the NFL playoffs you saw some good games and some really bad commercials. Every other ad was seemingly a Verizon ad with Paul Giamatti playing Albert Einstein (great actor, but enough already) or for a car company selling a product 99 percent of the audience couldn’t afford and wouldn’t want. It was enough to make you wonder who these corporations are trying to sell to, what they’re really advertising, and how it is their corporate boards allow it to continue.

Do you own an electric car? Probably not. I don’t, nor do I want one. They’re too expensive, it’s just this side of useless in a harsh winter, and once the battery goes you’re on the hook for the cost of 5 Hemi engines if you ever want it to drive again. Hard pass.

But most, if not all, of the car ads I saw last weekend during the NFC and AFC championship games were for electric cars. Are NFL fans disproportionately rich? Really into the environment without knowing just how awful manufacturing an electric vehicle is for the planet or where electricity comes from? It’s pretty doubtful. But the NFL has been ignoring huge chunks of their fan base for years, why wouldn’t advertisers? 

Or is it something else? Do these corporations even know or care who they’re advertising to?  MORE

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  1. I hate to be a white male TV commercial actor right now. You’d be getting skinny. Black men, white women are the heaviest demand. I hate being social engineered. My wife thinks I’m nuts for screaming at the TV. We need to boycott this bull shit.

  2. A little background for Verizon. We were C&P Telephone (founded 1884), A Bell Atlantic Company. At least Bell was in the name… but those of us who were there preferred C&P.

    The conglomerate (aka a booger) polled employees and LO! we were to be called Verizon. That was the first nail in the coffin.

    Are we to simply piss on the fact that we served for 110 years, and were proud of our heritage? Are we to piss on The Bell System… from 1876… and were proud of that heritage?

    I know, it’s all bullshit now, but at the time it was important to us. And most of us left to do other shit.

    It WAS important to us. And still is.

  3. How very lucky for me that I stopped watching Pro Football when Cap-My-Dick started kneeling. Don’t watch enough TV to be bothered, but yes I too get “yelled at for yelling” at the TV also when for whatever reason she has it going…

  4. If you’re going to watch a football game I’ve found it’s most enjoyable if you mute the broadcast. Nothing is said during the game or any of the commercials that is worth listening to. Just my opinion.

  5. It sucks. I really enjoy watching football. Not sure why – maybe just how I grew up.

    However, I just started watching this year after the crapernick kneeling thing made me sick. Really, football players getting paid millions every year complaining that it was slavery? REALLY!

    Not sure if I’ll continue watching, as the games are rigged – refs were pretty bad this year. But I suppose there’s no incentive not to force play to make money for Vegas – idiots are still willing to pay big bucks every week to see their team in their tax-purchased football mansions.

    I suppose I’ve done dumber things in my life than waste a few hours a week watching a rigged game being played by “race victims” in a stadium I helped build without my consent.

  6. What I get from todays advertisements is that black people are all gay and always happy.
    The news tells me that all black people are miserable and deserve millions of dollars for being a certain color.

  7. ERIK

    The name change was caused by the “merger” with GT+E. GT+E was a co with a good “crystal ball”. They put fiber optic in Cerritos 56 years ago. Now it’s Frontier FIOS. GTE “Big wigs” wanted a new name. The consultants came up with Verizon meaning “truth”. That was 22.5 years ago.

    I never reliever Verizon was honest nor truthful. But they were TCp/IP leaders.

  8. And then are all the drug commercials whose side effects are worse than the diseases that they treat. The ones for AIDS with a bunch of black queers are beyond annoying. And don’t even get me started on the Progressive insurance commercials, I can’t stand Flo or that skinny white freak shilling insurance on some of the lamest commercials that TV has ever seen.

  9. I’m with Joe6pack; can only watch if muted. But I do miss some of the beer commercials of old. Always thought that hit the viewer’s demographic. “More taste, Less filling “.

  10. From the looks of it every black is filthy rich. Oh wait; I’m not a rich black I just do commercials on TV.

  11. There’s another component to the brain washing. Add agencies. Any bets that the CIA is in deep. Or is my tin foil hat just getting to damn big?


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